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  1. General Chat
    A GIGGLE with the GOATS Jingle Bells Holiday Performance - YouTube I love watching these kids.
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    This may be a really dumb question, do you bathe goats like you bathe horses?
  3. Find Your Kith
    Do we have any milkers out there? I started out with a jersey cow then I got into dairy goats. Now we dont have to buy milk,butter/yogurt and I make cheese.We sell the kids to pay for my dairy girls up keep.
  4. Homesteading and gardening
  5. Homesteading and gardening
    Found a mini(Moses) and a milker(Arwen) that we are picking up today. will post a link for pictures as soon as we get them home and settled. The lady is also giving us chickens. Our chickens are not laying yet so hopefully everything will be calm when we introduce the new ones. With our goats...
  6. Homesteading and gardening
    I'm so excited, I picked up two pregnant goats over the weekend. One is due to kid out in late June and the other in the other in early August. They are milking goats (alpine and Saanen cross and Alpine and ? cross). I want to try making cheese and hopefully I can get the kids to switch to goats...
  7. Homesteading and gardening
    Does anyone by chance raise pygmy goats? We have lots of grassy ditches and a big empty barn. Dh would like o get two females. How hard are they to care for? Tips? I sure love them in the petting zoo and I bet my ducks and dogs would love more company!
  8. Pets
    As if you're not sick of my pictures, I'm posting more. These are old photos that Mel scanned for me at the college today. The first one is Ryan on the donkeys we used to have. Had to give them away because they became too aggressive with the goats. The second one is of her with her pacifier...
  9. Pets
    I just have to post one of the goats too. I will post the rest on Homestead Garden. This just looks to me like the goats are sharing secrets. Probably saying something about that silly human with the camera.
1-9 of 9 Results