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  1. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Yesterday!! Woke up yesterday and there was no electricity going to our fridge,freezer,phone, or internet :skept: We tried the fuse box and couldn't get any of those things to get power. My Guy called his friend who is a certified electrician who came over to check it out and we found out that...
  2. Home Environment
    So I have a LOT of little jobs around my house that I just can't do myself - things like fixing the stucco etc... things I can do or figure out I do - but I would LOVE to know how to find a good handyman? What types of questions do you ask? What would be a reasonable rate? Etc Etc?
  3. Secondhand Shopping
    our thrift has gotten overpriced and stopped the days when certain colors tags were half off , then they restarted it on half price day on sunday and monday . needed some summer clothes for 11 yo i like the shorts that are basketball style and the same fabric tops but sleeve less so you...
  4. Make It Yourself
    I've been dying to find a simple homemade Body Spray recipe. I would love to take a shot at it. Thats the biggest thing I hate spending money on. Its so expensive sometimes. Please, HELP! :)
  5. Support
    We lost our fourth child this last December. We have been going through the grieving process and one of the things that I have been considering doing to ease things for others is creating a pamphlet that details as many of the decisions that people MUST make and as many decisions as possible...
  6. General Chat
    About a month ago I finally convinced dh to have a checkup He hadnt had one in quite a few years he really hates Doctors almost to the point of crazy. Well its good that we went cause he found out he has some mild high blood pressure Dr put him on meds and they didnt work well he has since...
  7. Laundry
    We got a HE washer last week and I've noticed a severe difference between the previous washer and this one, particularly in regards to how well the items spin at the end. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong (if anything) but for some reason, the HE clothes come out soaking wet still at the end of...
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    finally my dads estate is settled should have the check in my hand in the next week or 2 as soon as all parties sign and mail back a paper. anyway my plan is to pay off all credit card debt and the vehicle loan probably include the home equity loan we will splurge and replace the windows...
  9. Freebies
    Free Blockbuster Express Movie Rental Code ($1 Off) | Coupons or Bust To get a Free Blockbuster Express Movie Rental Code -Use promo code: MOVIETONIGHT(Valid through 3/23) for a $1 off ANY movie rental. This will make ANY $1 Movie Rental FREE
  10. Needle Arts
    So how do you make these? Anyone have a favorite pattern link or simple instructions you'd care to share? What do you use? Old clothes strips or fabric strips? Any other advice for me? I am thinking I'd like to make the rectangular type, not round.
  11. Sewing
    I was stuck at home this weekend with a virus that has been going around. Our oldest dd is autistic and has a thing lately where she gets really upset if I try to take a nap, which is what I usually do when I'm sick. Instead, I got out the sewing machine and worked on some things for dh and...
  12. General Chat
    Life isn't always pleasant, but somewhere in your day something good happened. It's time to celebrate those little things. Did the vending machine drop two Snickers instead of one? Did someone tell you how nice you looked today? Share it here and give yourself a high-five.
  13. General Chat
    got paid dh gets first check from new job tomorrow tax return hit so i felt safe going to grocery store for first time in a bit . came upon some great meat deals for my area perdue chicken thighs orig 2.49 a lb ( never would i pay that !) maked down for quick sale to 99c a lb -...
  14. Appliances
    I think ours is about to kick the bucket. DS8 woke me up at 4:30, saying he heard some loud noise. It turns out that it was coming from the motor in the fridge. I'm afraid it's going to conk out on us soon, so I need to get good prices set now. Any recommendations? :)
  15. General Chat
    I'm putting this out here because I can't really do anything else to take my mind off everything today. I am stressed, in pain and frustrated. Three of my four children all have the stomach bug at the same time, the other one had it over the weekend. After dealing with a sinus infection last...
  16. General Chat
    I am leaving tomorrow to spend a weekend with my church ladies in the mountains! We are doing it in true frugal fashion with all meals made and served at the cabin! No eat out January will remain no eat out! I will be back sunday afternoon!:wave2:
  17. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I was online this morning looking up OldMan's paycheck for direct deposit in the morning. Well... I was a bit taken back when it was lighter than I expected... a WEEK lighter! :thud: The old me would be panicking about now (old me)> :bolt: Since paying down everything and keeping to the...
  18. Homesteading and gardening
    Obesity and Overweight for Professionals: Data and Statistics: U.S. Obesity Trends | DNPAO | CDC The alarm clock is ringing.
  19. Coupons
    I am in the midwest(Iowa) and we do not have any stores here, any more that double or triple coupons. I am needing to find ways to save money since my husband is not working and I am on a seasonal position that will be ending soon. I dont want to buy stuff that we wont be using. Thanks ahead for...
1-20 of 500 Results