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  1. General Chat
    It would have been nice to see google do something more on their welcome page today. I find the lack of acknowledgment very disappointing to say the least. I realize there is a little black flag and link you can click but considering how they go all out for various birthdays, artists...
  2. General Chat
    If not, go check it out! Go see for yourself, I'm not telling! Fun stuff :D
  3. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Hello all I had a friend at my old job who had a job with Google and all he did was going through online books and make sure they scanned right or whatever. He make decent money doing it. does anyone know how I may find a job like this?
  4. General Chat
    the camera was bizaare. wow, what a contraption.
  5. General Chat
    Looks like today you get a free game of pacman! Google Game on!
  6. Question and Answer
    Just wondering if anybody knows how to delete the history of what I type into google. I noticed a drop-down arrow beside the space by google, and everything that I've looked up on google in months pops up. I want to delete it, but don't know how. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  7. General Chat
    Hi Guys! In my previous post i mentioned that with the key words "best time management" and "time management for students" my site is on first page of google but i am getting no traffic increase. I got so helpful replies now my question is that will it be helpful if i pay google for...
  8. General Chat
    I'm rather interested in this and am looking for invites. Does anyone have an invite they're willing to share for this please? many thanks! :)
  9. General Chat
    For those who haven't seen the growing collection of Google art. The link has their logo art going back to fall of 1998 and started with 3 that year. The more recent years are filled with logos shown in different parts of the world to celebrate with the cultures Google has touched. And the...
  10. General Chat
    Sorry I can't find the proper forum to ask this in? Do we have areas here at FV that are private and safe from Google? Thanks if anyone knows :)
  11. General Chat
    Try the nightly build of Firefox. [-]Link to windows install.[/-] Click here and chose your operating system: For windows I recommend downloading the .exe file...
  12. General Chat
    Hi folks, Going to be testing out a new search engine out. it is called Cuil. Try it out! It has been indexing the web for the last two years and was launched last night to the public. Potential Google challenger here. I'm going to play with it. Let me know what you think...
  13. News you can use
    Google, Microsoft, AMD drag down tech stocks Stocks were mixed Friday as disappointing earnings from tech bellwethers Google and Microsoft overshadowed a smaller-than-expected ...
  14. General Chat
    I was just on google, trying to find frugal bread and also frugal bean recipes ... Well, 9 out of 10 sites I clicked on - it took me to advertising sites, kind of like my computer [or google] was hi-jacked. Do you think this would be a google problem [someone did something to their site] or...
  15. News you can use
    Yahoo shares drop as it ends talks with Microsoft, may turn to Google Yahoo's efforts to revive takeover talks with Microsoft have reached a dead end, setting the stage for the Internet pioneer to ...
  16. News you can use
    Google Apps can be a small firm's best friend For Ritu Raj, the decision started with cost. Apps is cheap or free, has more liberal usage terms than Office and doesn't require ... </img>
  17. News you can use
    Google Apps attractive to small firms For Ritu Raj, the decision started with cost. Apps is cheap or free, has more liberal usage terms than Office and doesn't require ... </img>
  18. Freebies Break from the limitations of traditional memory devices and put more storage at your fingertips with Kingston Technology's Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. The latest in the Kingston family, SD memory cards combine...
1-18 of 40 Results