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  1. Third Agers
    I'm gonna be a grandma!!! Already the spending urges have sky-rocketed!! Last night I blew $50 on a new maternity outfit. I have beat myself up about it since then, and I just know this new baby is going to suck my credit card dry if I don't get a handle on myself. Here's my story: Baby is...
  2. Christmas
    I have less than 2 weeks for christmas at my house and I have nothing for my mother in law and my mom from the kids. I dont know what to do for them. Any cheap really cute ideas for the kids to make for them or that I can sew real quick would be GREAT! Thanks in advance
  3. General Chat
    My son will be graduating from high school in May and admission is by ticket only. If it rains, graduation will be held indoors and there will only be 4 tickets given per child. Naturally my husband, myself and my daughter plan to attend, but how do we decide which grandparent gets the 4th...
  4. Christmas
    GRANDPARENT'S GIFT ALBUM Grandma & Grandpa. this book is for you, though it might be quite puzzling as the pictures are few. But every few months if you don't make a fuss, we'll send (give) you more pages with pictures of us! ... or But every few months if you don't fuss or groan, I'll...
  5. Third Agers
    Or do you not say anything to them about their parenting? For us, our older kids are raising their children so different than we raised them. There is little discipline and other areas that we don't agree with, but we've learnt to keep our opinions to ourselves over the years. First...
1-5 of 5 Results