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  1. Christmas
    Since things are a little tight this year I am looking for some ideas that my kids could make for their grandparents this year for Christmas. :smhelp:
  2. General Chat
    This is cute (not to mention SO true;) Take care and God bless.
  3. General Chat
    I am so excited .. they have been here since monday and will be leaving on friday. I got so much sleep i do not know what to do with myself hehehe. Ellen was so sleepy last night from being up all afternoon on Monday that she slept 7 yes SEVEN hours!!! Tonight i am working .. and Gramma is...
  4. Family
    My mom called the other day, my dd who is 19 had called her the other day and asked if she could bring her boyfriend to Easter supper in March. Of course she said yes. Then dd mentions that they want to come Saturday night because she lives several hours away. My poor mother, she has never...
  5. Adoption
    Has anyone adopted their grandchild? If so what is the general process. We have been raising our granddaughter since she was 1 yr old, she is now 9. Her father, my son, is in prison and will be until she is almost an adult. Her mother has addiction problems as well as two other children she is...
  6. Family
    Hardly - my mom (their only living grandparent) lives too far away and she never approved of our adoptions, so it's been a tough haul for them. Our older kids had wonderful relationships with their grandparents until they married and left home. By then, they had moved away and it was...
  7. Weddings and bridal showers
    My grandparents' 50th is coming up in one month. My mom is an only child and my sisters and I are helping her put together an open house/reception for them plus a memory album. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas (frugal/simple of course!) for an occasion like this. I really want this to...
  8. Family
    here she is ready to go! she HAD to wear a dress!:D :D
  9. Crafts for kids
  10. General Chat
    Are they good or bad memories? I have good memories of my great granny who was and still is my hero. She was a true homesteader and wonderful Christian lady. My grandmother was also a very special lady who could make the strongest tea on the earth. She boilt it and then served it. I...
  11. Third Agers
    This is just the most wonderful little site for grandparents. Carolyn I thought of you missing your grandkids this Christmas, and I found this site. Have a wonderful time and ENJOY!!!
  12. General Chat
    This is a MN thing but maybe there is somthing like this in your area. Or maybe you what to start one up, maybe. I have no involvment in this, I just though it was a great idea. And I am going to e-mail it to my kids grandparents in the hopes they...
  13. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I came across this while working on the calendar for my nursing home residents for September: 2003 is the 25th Anniversary of National Grandparents' Day! Taken from the National Grandparents' Day Council website: "The impetus for a National Grandparents Day originated with Marian McQuade, a...
  14. Third Agers
    Kent State in Ohio is doing a study on the almost "silent army" of grandparents raising their grandkids...for whatever reason that may be, this group is hoping to make society aware, to be able influence some legislation, and to be able to make a big difference in how support is made...
  15. Family
    My grandparents on my mom's side were the neatest people. My great granny was an absolutely amazing woman, coming over here from England with barely nothing. She survived in a true homestead, where she had the most beautiful gardens and made the best meals and always had candies in her...
  16. Third Agers
    In your grandchildren's lives? We get to see 2 of our grandchildren fairly often, but 3 are in Northern BC and we only get to see them about every 3 years (way too long). The other 3 are with our dd's ex and he will not allow us to see them. What roll do you play in your grandchildren's...
  17. Third Agers
    I'm proud to say I have 8 grandchildren, 7 boys and 1 girl. Our recent addition is only 2 mos. old. How about you?
  18. General Chat
    My grandparents were so wonderful. My fathers parents were my favorite. My mothers dad died when she was 12 so I never got to know him but my bachelor uncle stayed with my gmother till she died. He was always kind of like my grandpa. My mom's mother was always very frail and we always had...
1-19 of 19 Results