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  1. General Chat
    My 3 year old grandson will start head start next week. Most places its a 8 to 11,3 days a week. Here it will me all week and 8 to 3. Your suppose to be 3 by September 1 well he turned 3 September 3rd so the County my daughter was living in refused him because of a 2 day difference. But we are...
  2. General Chat
    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. It has been a long time since I have been here on the site. So much has changed in my life. My husband is currently AGR in the Army and is at school right now in TN for a month. My oldest son is currently a US Marine stationed in NC. In Nov. our...
  3. General Chat
    He is running a temp of 104.2 rectal ,icky nose which is not clear or white, so it sound like a infection starting, Gave tylenol. brought it down to 100.4 .Kinda playful still.It does worry me with the swine flu since its in the 3 counties surrounding us... So when hubby gets up he is taking the...
  4. General Chat
    Last night my daughters family came over for a bbq. My 6 year old Grandson likes to watch when I do my diabetes blood test before dinner. Last night I asked him if I could borrow his finger because mine were sore. I expected to run away in terror, instead he held out his finger and asked me if...
  5. Health and beauty
    my 5 year old grandson will be having surgery tomorrow. he stuck a rock in his ear. when my dil took him to the er, they tried to remove it but only lodged it into his ear drum. so........ he goes in tomorrow morning. please keep him in your thoughts.
  6. Pets
    here is my 4 year old grandson with his horse aspen
  7. General Chat
    Kieran Liam was born Saturday!!! He weighs 8lbs 13 ozs and is 20 long!!..Everyone is doing well!!:baby:
  8. Family
    Joseph has always been afraid of Santa, and last night at Tiger scouts they had their Christmas party...We were all there dd her husband me and dh to see Joseph do a little skit and to eat pizza...Well everything was going great, until the troop leader said, "guess who our special guest is? Its...
  9. Family
    He fell off the monkey bars at reccess yesterday morning!!!! It is broken in two places down near his wrist!!!!!...The poor little guy says he isn't going back to school ever again.....He was so funny when they had him sedated...he was just jabbering away..... While we were sitting in the...
  10. Support
    I don't have a lot of details at this point as I was at my class reunion tonight. But the basics are that my sister was stopped at a light and someone rear ended them. Her 2 year old grandson (Zach) was in the car, in his carseat. My mom said they are fine, and the car is "driveable"- I'm...
  11. Support
    Our 3 year old grandson has Scarlet Fever and a very bad case of it. He is one sick little boy. Please, if you could pray for him and send good thoughts his way. Deeply appreciated.
  12. Third Agers
    Last night dh phoned our oldest son and our grandson (5) wanted to talk to his grandpa. Here is how part of the conversation went. Grandson - Hi Grandpa, I'm in soccer. Grandpa - Do you like soccer? Grandson - oh yes, Grandpa, I really like soccer? Grandpa - Do you have a coach? Grandson -...
  13. General Chat
    Deb asked me to fix these up and post them for her... here is her sweet little grandson, Jacob!
  14. Family
    Jenn went for her last ultrasound today. I must say Jacob is going to be big !!!! Dr thinks between 8-10 lbs. They are going to induse her Sunday at 11 pm so wish her luck!!!!!
  15. Bright Horizons
    Finally walking. Were all so excited and its so cute to see him walking. He is 2 1/2 and is our oldest son's son.
1-15 of 16 Results