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  1. Question and Answer
    Two years ago my mom and sister bought me a bathroom vanity for my 20th wedding anniversary. It has a granite countertop. Are there any homemade cleaners that will not pit the granite? What works best for you?
  2. Home Environment
    I don't get it. Almost every time I watch House Hunters, this is brought up... Like OMG, the rooms and closets are perfect..but the kitchen doesn't have granite will I ever function in the kitchen? :skept: Someone fill me in. :laugh:
  3. Question and Answer
    I have always had formica countertops, but I love the look of granite. Are granite countertops harder to take care of? What are the pros & cons?
  4. Question and Answer
    Does anyone have a recipe for DIY granite cleaner? I'd like to stop paying $5/bottle for the commercial stuff. I've read that vinegar will eat into the stone, so I can't use my regular all-purpose cleaner, and haven't been able to find anything online.
  5. Home Decorating
    :laugh: Our kitchen would cost about $5000 to put them in. Ssoooooo I think I've finally won Gripey over to my way of thinking. I'm gonna do a faux granite over the laminate that we have. I know I can make it look like I want and won't have to move into the poor house afterwards! So in the next...
  6. Home Environment
    Our new countertops are granite. I had heard that some cleaning agents dulled it. Do you ladies know of what I can and cannot use to clean them?
1-6 of 6 Results