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  1. Simple Living
    Hi, just thought I would post this for the Christians that frequent the boards. I found it to be a great reminder to express gratitude daily The Attitude of Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss After more than two decades of ministry to hurting people, I have come to believe that a failure to...
  2. Simple Living
    It's alreday early afternoon here in Germany, and I have two things to be grateful for today. - had inexpensive lunch with a good friend. We had a great conversation and he is always very encouraging and supportive. I'm feeling full of energy now. - discovered that I still have around 16 Euros...
  3. Simple Living
    ~sun is shining ~high school football playoff game tonight ~DH made it home safe and sound ~my DMother took me and my DDs out to dinner last night ~DH and I both have jobs
1-3 of 3 Results