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  1. Pets
    I adopted a rescue pup a week ago. He is 1/2 Shih Tzu, 1/2 Lhasa Apso. Weights 2 lbs, and 9 weeks old. And kind of has an attitude for so young a pup. He is very cute, social and smart, smart, too smart!! Oh did I mention stubborn? Which I think is a Shih Tzu trait. We are making progress...
  2. Pregnancy
    any old wives tales about baby's weight out there? i am 33 weeks and baby is 5.2lbs already any way of guessing what he will be? i have gained 15lbs total
  3. Family
    Ok, ladies...I'm only 7 months this week but I thought I would go ahead and start the thread so everybody will have a chance to guess...I will fix up a goodie envie for the winner..... I am due August 1st so lets get the guesses coming!!
  4. Family
    Would you all like to guess when my baby's coming? The prize will be something HM, maybe a cute dress kitchen towel to hang on your oven door (custom made to match your kitchen of course). I'm not due until 5/10. Ds was born on his due date 10+ years ago. Dd was 3 weeks early. For a while...
  5. General Chat
    WINNER: BABY Guessing Contest ;o) our baby is due in less than a month, on march 14th. ;o) here is what you have to guess: DOB & WEIGHT whoever guesses closest will win a goodie box made up by me! ;) it will consist of things like stickers, note cards, stationary, stamps, coupons, samples...
  6. General Chat
    A new contest..... Below is a picture of my Christmas Tree...... Guess how many ornaments I have on this tree, this would include the snowman heads in the garland and the ornaments on the back and sides of tree..... The first to choose the correct amount or come closest to it by 10pm Wed...
  7. General Chat
    How about another game. We had so much fun with the other games I thought it would be fun to have another one. Will donate a small prize for the winner (Christmas ornaments). Everyone can play and it should be fun. Here is the game. There will be 2 questions and a prize for each...
1-7 of 7 Results