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  1. General Chat
    An after shook with a magnitude of 6.1 hit Haiti about 90 minutes ago My heart goes out to everyone there, hope help & supplies arrives to those who need it soon
  2. General Chat
    One of my friends said that credit companies are taking a cut of any donations paid for b credit card. I guess I should not be surprised. Apparently a few of them are waivinhg their fees - does anyone know which ones those might be? I have not yet found one. I will gladly write a check rather...
  3. General Chat
    So very sad and heartbreaking. The good news is that it's so awesome to see how fast so many countries are coming together to their aid.
  4. General Chat
    Aparently 1500 people are confirmed dead and 1200 are missing--after the hurricaine....there is high danger of spreading of desease..there is water everwhere.... If I'm not wrong, I think Haiti is one of the poorest countries of the world...and now they are in a terrible crisis.... On the...
1-4 of 4 Results