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  1. Success Stories
    As of yesterday... J.Jill: GONE! LaneBryant: GONE! HBSC (Best Buy): GONE! Barclay's Visa: 50% GONE! The other half will be gone at the end of September. :-) Michelle
  2. Coupons
    sign up to get the print coupon link will let u print twice
  3. General Chat
    FYI.. I'm not sure if other states do this, but the State of Michigan has an email alert system on when the governor orders the flag to half mast. Here is the sign up link for Michigan. Snyder - Sign-up to receive notification of Flag Honors
  4. Freebies
    Just download and print out your reading log, then log the time your child spends reading starting June 5th. Add up your child's reading minutes at the end of each week, and initial the form. Turn in the completed form between July 25th and August 7th, and if the total equals over 600 minutes...
  5. General Chat
    Half of Americans don't have $2,000 for a rainy day - May. 24, 2011 I felt like saying, "If you quit sucking down that fast food, I bet you'd have that $2k in no time."
  6. Hot deals
    ~I snagged this deal this morning from Living Social. It's a Groupon type site. I don't know if it's available nationally or not but my Philly LS has $10 gift cards for just $5 and you can get more than one! -Disclaimer: I will get one of my cards for free if three people use the link below to...
  7. Just Tips
    One of my favorite tips is how to cut drying time in half when drying laundry in the dryer...and it absolutely works. Put a clean dry lint free bath towel into each load of drying laundry. Its amazing to me the difference in drying time for the clothes. It literally cuts the drying time in half...
  8. Dave Ramsey
    Dave Ramsey is half right and half full of beans. Dave says that the only way to have financial peace is to walk with Jesus Christ. I suppose that means that the other 90% of the world who do not walk with Jesus Christ have no money. Dave also says that you should live on less than you make...
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    I faithfully watch this show,and I really like Charlie Sheen,but wow he just can't get his life together.Now the show is in hiatus,while he works on his problems.Sad situation,hope someone can help him.
  10. Stockpiling
    Spent the afternoon organizing my deep freeze. We got our half a cow today, 255lbs of beef!! I'm so excited! Though, now I'll never be able to say that I don't know what we're going to have for dinner:clown2: Though after being on here for a while I now make a menu for 2 weeks which has...
  11. General Chat
    wish you had never started it?...Ha! I am working on cleaning a bunch of stuff I dont need out of my craft/computer room. It is a big project and why in the world I chose today to do it I will never know!
  12. General Chat
    Kiddo is really sick. You know something is wrong when your big strapping 16 year old doesn't want you to leave his side! He has always been a really healthy kid with a high pain tolerance. After a surgery he was raring to go. When younger with double ear infections I only knew it was odd...
  13. General Chat
    Wow, growth spurts sure aren't something to be underestimated! He had me draw a pencil line on the wall to show him how tall he was last night. He's been eating like a linebacker for the last week and well, we did the pencil thing again this morning. It's seriously a 1/4 inch taller! DH thinks...
  14. Question and Answer
    I was given 5 quarts of half and half yesterday. I've got some pie crust dough to use up anyone got a pie recipe that uses half & half? Searched recipeczar and didn't find any I could use. Laurie in Bradenton
  15. General Chat
    Does anyone know what will cost for labor only to add a half bath? I have all of the materials. I have unused space under staircase and I want to add a half bath. All plumbing can be used from upstairs bathroom near by.
  16. General Chat
    last week I had purchased a Half gallon size of OJ. I had my DD get it and put it in the shopping cart and put away when we got home. I pulled it out today and thought, man this looks so much smaller. I looked at the ounce size. IT SHRUNK..... by 5 ounces. Very suttle of the company...
  17. Bright Horizons
    I have 3 half siblings, 2 brothers and a sister. Well one of the brothers molested most of his younger siblings including me which caused me a lot of problems until I could work it out in therapy. After I worked it out I finally told my half-sister because she had young girls and this brother...
  18. General Chat
    I'm excited and sad and tired and scared out of my mind all at the same time. I am excited because i am leaving this place not the job the home town. Im sad because i am leaving my job and my neighbor... and all the nice convienence of a bigger town. Im tired well... yeah because i have...
  19. Question and Answer
    So we have the opportunity to buy half a beef at $1.75 lb hanging weight. That includes wrapping. Is that a good price? It has been so long since we have bought a whole or half beef. It seems like a good price to me, but I'm not sure what they mean by hanging weight. Is that before any of...
  20. News you can use
    IndyMac stops new loans, plans to cut workforce by half Mortgage lender IndyMac Bancorp, struggling to raise capital to stay in business, said Monday it has stopped accepting new loan ...
1-20 of 63 Results