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  1. Meal planning
    Food and drinks are an indispensable part of a Halloween. Kids and adults enjoy the flavors of pumpkin and chocolate with equal fervor. Nonetheless, Halloween recipes deserve some awesome Halloween theme presentation as well. Here is a great list of Halloween Food Ideas.
  2. Halloween
    Use these free printable Halloween journals to create a keepsake this year. Halloween journal
  3. Halloween
    I just posted this on my blog! DIY Frankenstein Mason Jar
  4. Freebies
    Hormel This is really awesome. Click on the table and you get all kinds of choices, from recipes, to lighting, to decoration templates, to sounds of creaking doors and chains rattling. Shame we don't celebrate halloween.
  5. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    My friend tipped me off on this one- our local Rite Aid has 'Halloween' candy for 75% off. These bags have no Holiday specific markings on them, so you could buy them to stock up for Xmas stockings! I got the 'fun size' M+ms, butterfingers, tootsie rolls Starburst and Skittles for .99 a big bag...
  6. Halloween
    HA #6 decided he was too old to go trick or treating w/us, so he had stayed behind to pass out the Halloween toys to the little ghouls that stopped by our house. When the other Houseapes & I finally wrapped up this year's routine, I took #6's place, so he could have a share of the candy that the...
  7. Halloween
    So a question for you - when (if) your kids go trick or treating do you let them eat all of their candy? Do you monitor or try to control it at all? If you don't let them eat it all, what do you do with it? My sister just bought a bunch of her kids candy, but now she doesn't know what to do...
  8. Frugal Living
    I bought candy 50% off The little miniature butterfingers, baby ruth, nestle crunch - straight into the freezer for making my surprise Christmas cookies some life saver gummies a favorite with the children (will dole them out a bit at the time from our candy dish) bag of dum dum suckers (...
  9. Halloween
    Ok - now I'm just being nosey - what are y'all giving out tonight to the lil trick or treaters at your door? What are your faves? :D We're giving out mini butterfinger bites, baby ruth bites and crunch bites, traditional lollipops and hot lips, big foot, green thumb gummy candy. My faves...
  10. General Chat
    Last year I was *The Crazy Cat Lady* (every neighborhood has one....) It went over very well, and was super easy/cheap. I wore an old fuzzy bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, my hair it a beehive inspired doo, with a scarf. Got some vintage cat eye rhinstone glasses at the antique store (12.00) I pinned...
  11. Freebies
    Join us on Sunday, October 23 for our 2011 Halloween Party and Customer Event! We are offering a free gift pack to any child in costume on October 23, 2011 at all CVS/pharmacy locations, while supplies last. The gift pack includes $5 value of candy, toys, trick or treat safety items and $10 in...
  12. General Chat
    With Hallowe'en only a couple weeks away, a lot of the networks are airing Hallowe'en and horror movies. What are some of your favourites? Do you look forward to seeing them each year or are you waiting to catch ones you've never seen before? One of my faves for Hallowe'en (not horror) is Its...
  13. Halloween
    I thought this was cool and you all might enjoy! Have fun! 30+ DIY Halloween Treats | Frugal Family Fun Blog
  14. Halloween
    What is everyone going to dress up as for Halloween?
  15. Halloween
    Just wondering about different ideas/tips for a low cost or a no-cost Halloween...what would you do if funds were low? This year.....still have outside decorations for the Haunted clubhouse...also still have some window clings that actually still cling to the windows that we can use...
  16. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Party Store - the card outlet and party sup0ply store - has Halloween costumes, including for adults, on clearance for $5. Unless you insist on the latest, this might be an opportunity.
  17. Halloween
    I finally uploaded ours tonight. Wish that I took more of the other stuff that we did. They are in the "Houseape Halloween 2010" album on my profile page....hope everyone enjoys them. I can't wait to see everyone else's:)
  18. Halloween
    was featured in a slideshow made by Lady Gaga that's posted on her Facebook fan page! It's also on her Twitter. :D Twitter "I made a quick slideshow of some of the Gagaween costumes I found! There's so many! I love you! " I'm at 5:45 of the slideshow if you want to jump ahead. I'm so GIDDY!
  19. General Chat
    As I went to pick up our pizza for dinner....I decided to detour and drive through the neighbouring hoods to see how people have decorated for Halloween, how many pumpkins etc. Usually everyone goes overboard and well...this year, not so much. Barely anyone has a real pumpkin out :ack: So not...
1-19 of 254 Results