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  1. Sewing
    I'm trying to decide on the method of displaying them, but love all these links. Cheap & Easy :: Reusable, Homemade Tissues - Jonah Lisa Land Our Homemade Tissues | No New Plastic Allyson Hill: Handmade Hankies Homemade hankies. - Getting There If you want them pretty How to Make a...
  2. Sewing
    Links for handmade paper towels :) Grandma's Trash: HOME MADE PAPER TOWELS LOVE THIS ONE!!!! Homemade Genius! / reusable paper towels
  3. Sewing
    I thought I'd share some patterns for handmade baby wipes Make your own Cloth Wipes Making Home: Homemade Baby Wipes Homemade Cloth Baby Wipes | Someday I'll Learn DIY ? Cloth Baby Wipes and Stay-Dry Liners | Cloth Diaper Blog. The All In One Cloth Diaper Resource.
  4. General Chat
    Odd title sorry, but I need some clarification. And or snappy comebacks. I started doing a farmer's market locally. I sell eggs from the chickens and homemade hats made by myself. In order to sell at this kind of market, your craft item has to be handcrafted. Some hats I crochet and most I...
  5. Freebies
    This soap has a Wonderful Peachy Fragrance which is sure to be a hit. This Soap is in a Bright Orange Colour with Embeds running through the length of the soap. This soap will typically last longer than normal soap if you place it in a soap dish to dry out in between uses. Only one sample per...
  6. Question and Answer
    Has anyone tried the handmade furniture polish made with olive oil and lemon juice?? I made some and really like it, but not sure how long it stays good in the spray bottle/container you put it in,,, does anyone know??? I just started it and love the results and no cloudy film like the generic...
  7. Christmas
    I've decided that this year I'm going to make nearly all the Christmas gifts I give. I did this to a lesser degree last year, but I decided to really go for it this year. Not everything will be handmade (I can't make Buzz Lightyear!), but we don't give alot of gifts (just our own kids, our...
  8. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Using my handy-dandy stumble toolbar, I came upon this website which has tons of links to handmade gifts, broken down by category and type. Hope someone can get some use out of it!
  9. Hobbies
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I am hosting a Halloween Swap on my personal blog. I would love to have you all join :)
  10. Freebies handmade classic handbag in indigo blue denim with calico print side panels fully lined in solid maroon cotton with 5" wide interior pocket single strap is 21" long, tapers in the center; 5" tall, 2" deep, 9" zipper closure.
  11. Freebies use coupon code TIC2008 for free shipping
  12. Hobbies
    Just curious - how many of us use our talents for charity? What type of items do you make & what charities do you like to give them to? I crochet & knit hats,blankets & whatever else I can think of -also I make lapquilts for the elderly.I mostly give to the Appalachian Outreach in West Virginia.
  13. For Sale or Trade
    Handmade Lemongrass Soap Posted by: Eleison Description: A super-fresh morning soap, lemongrass is filled with finely ground lemongrass and scented with pure lemongrass essential oil. My kids refuse to use anything else on their faces… and everywhere else. Hand made using the cold process...
  14. Freebies Truthfully, there is no better way to understand the taste, texture and pleasure of our schnecken than experiencing the wonder of biting into one! * Send us your name, address, telephone number, and a valid e-mail address; we will send you a request for...
  15. Christmas
    I'm hoping to make handmade gifts for most of the family this year, and I was hoping you all maybe had some suggestions. If it helps, here are some general things that people in the family are into: nature, photography, bears, good smelling bath products, cooking. Thanks so much for any help!
  16. Just Tips
    I need some ideas for Christmas presents that I can make for the teenagers and adults in our household. My skills are crocheting, knitting, cross stitching, jewelry making quilting/sewing. The recipients are: 1 husband - age 46 2 sons - ages 21 & 20 1 daughter age 18 so far, the only ideas that...
  17. General Chat
    I am thinking of switching to handmade soap for the sake of my skin and my kids skin. We all have super dry skin, I have psoriasis, and my kids have mild excema. I have found a couple on Etsy that look good. I would love to use the...
  18. For Sale or Trade
    This handmade afghan is very bright and soft. It is made from Caron Super Soft Brights and is machine washable and dryable. It is large and covers the top of a queen sized bed. Would make a great gift! Asking $55 + shipping
  19. Hobbies
    I would love to make my own weaving loom- does anyone know how, or could provide a link to a site that could tell me how? Thanks so much! Maisie
1-19 of 38 Results