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  1. Laundry
    I only have one line outside, and a bit of room in the house for hanging. I live in canada so a load would take all day to dry out there. I have about 3-4 loads every day to do. So should I just fill up my lines with what I can and dry the rest. Or I was thinking I could hang up pants, towels...
  2. General Chat
    so telemarketer calls .. my youngest answers-tm asks him to do a survey - he says I am 9 .... they ask for his mom or dad. I tell 13 yo to tell them we are both busy. ( me doing dishes- dh is mowing lawn so not a lie) so she says ummmmm uhhhhhh ......"THEY'RE in the bath" ........ lady...
  3. Home Environment
    To add to my junkie collections that dh supports... (darn you France)He got me this new one for xmas. Bathroom or Bedroom? Not much room left on our walls so I might have to do some switcha roo with my other pictures, but thats cool. Hallway?? Not much there.
  4. General Chat
    Hi everyone, Saw this on yahoo. I live in Poconos part of pa, and remember when I was younger my dad tell me that the development we lived in frown about hang laundry outside because of being to closet to everyone so we never did...
  5. General Chat
    Pretty interesting article on Americans fighting for their right to hang their laundry out to dry. Thought some of you might enjoy reading it. Hanging the Laundry out to Dry
  6. General Chat
    I need a place to motivate me. A place where I can hold myself acountable for money, and the act of SAVING money. Lately, it seems to slip through my fingers. Not big purchases, as much as $5 here, $5 there. My coupons are in a pile. My coupon book is full of expired coupons. I am spending WAY...
  7. General Chat
    In the last 3.5yrs., I've been rather quiet, posting occasionally. I've decided that I'm going to partcipate more in posting and starting threads for discussion. I really like being a member here. I also enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Frugal Village and being frugal is part of my lifestyle.
  8. News you can use
    Drivers hang onto their cars longer R.L. Polk said the median age of cars on U.S. roads was 9.2 years in 2007, tying the record set in 2006. In 2007, 41.3% of all ... </img>
  9. Home Environment
    For all the people who have their clothing washed and then hang it up to dry in 24 hours or less, how do you do it?? I just washed 7 loads of clothing, used every spare hanger and had clothing hanging from every doorway and the sides of the bunk beds for 48 hours. I still had to finish drying...
  10. Christmas
    I do. We have tons of it here on our property and dh shoots it out of the trees and I hang it above every door in the house, LOL. Everyone gets at least a peck on the cheek or a big hug. :smooch: The kids love it!!
  11. Green Living
  12. Frugal Living
    This is the first time I've done all my shopping (both stores) and I saved more than I spent. I think I'm getting the coupon/rain check thing down. DH was so impressed he started bragging to the guy behind me. People around here don't use's amazing. I even got a case of 28 ounce...
  13. Quilting
  14. General Chat
    I mean something that you try to be frugal at, but just can't seem to hit it? For me it is craft stuff. I know I could be more frugal about what I buy - I mean I could open my own scrapbooking store with the stuff I stockpiled because I liked it! And now, I am into crocheting - let's not talk...
  15. Laundry
    Do you hang laundry to dry?
  16. Christmas
    and call them "living ornaments" if they don't quite bickering!!! I'll use garland to steady them so they don't fly off in the wind. Maybe,just maybe if they are good I'll string some big Christmas lights up there so they can cuddle close to them to stay warm.;) They are just going slightly...
  17. Quilting
    This is totally awesome for us quilters. Did you know that they now make quilting material 120 inches wide for backing. No more piecing together and no more using sheets if you don't want too. Not only that, but the material can be reversed so that you can use either side. Finally they've...
  18. General Chat
    We are on the Do Not Call list and we have an unlisted number and we still get lots of calls from telemarketers.  I hate to be rude but I do tell them I am not interested and then hang up before they can go further into their sales pitch.  I hope that I am not being horrible but I don't want to...
  19. General Chat
    I know I can't be the only one who doesn't throw out underwear that isn't comfortable because it's still"good". They could be rolling, slipping,bunching or riding up &  I hang on to them and suffer because they are still usable and aren't worn out. Well today is the day I am freeing myself and...
  20. Quilting
    Once again I'm having to give up my sewing room. Michael is keeping ds#1 awake all night. He doesn't get out of bed, but makes all kinds of noises and when he does sleep he snores. So I'm putting ds#1 bed in there so he can sleep........okay on to my story. I started to move everything and...
1-20 of 31 Results