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  1. Leisure & Media Arts
    I recently started a small non fiction readers group at a local library with a friend of mine, and The Happiness Project was our first selection. I am almost finished reading. Has anyone here read it? Any thoughts?
  2. General Chat
    When I was a child, I had this sheet set: On the way home from work last night, something came to mind: New windshield wipers. I always put this off when needed, but can't understand why once I finally do get the new set. Which got me thinking, what are some of the simple things, things...
  3. Adoption
    A woman in my Mom's group just adopted a little boy from China. She and her husband are both teachers and they have two kids, I'm guessing their ages are around 4 & 6. The little boy is 2. Before she left for china she was telling us how her husband couldn't go with her because the credit...
  4. Frugal Living
    I ran across this article and found it interesting. NYT: Happiness is side effect of new frugality - Business - The New York Times - Has anyone here downsized to the extreme as the first couple in the article? Does anyone find yourself more happy having less material things?
  5. Freebies
    They will send you a comfirmation email Nivea Sweepstakes Happiness - The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  6. Question and Answer
    can money buy happiness? according to me no. what do you think please share your ideas and experiences.
  7. Frugal Living
    I finally got a Tracfone and turned off my landline. Looks like I'll be saving about $25/month, woohoo. Just wish I had done it sooner. I first got the idea of shopping around here at the village, so heartfelt thanks to all of you! For those of you who have not "interrogated" your phone bill and...
  8. Blog
    Work is life and without it there's nothing but fear and confusion... or so John Lennon almost said. He also said "life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" didn't he? Makes me think of mobile phones. We can be sat having a leisurely time with some old chum we haven't...
  9. Blog
    Written 10th April 2007,,2052868,00.html A Good Old Dusting, by Kathryn Hughes. I confess I've not thought it through properly but here goes... Decorative and functional can be one of the same things. Shaker style is all about "beauty through...
  10. Relationships
    Hi everyone, I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester, New York and am currently doing a project on intimate relationships as part of my thesis. It would be great if you could help me by completing my online survey, and inviting your partner to do the survey too if he or she...
  11. Homesteading and gardening
    ....fresh strawberries from the garden. Yum. My fil gave us quite a few plants last year, and we were just able to pick some. They are so delicious :lip: I think they taste even better because they were free ;) If I could figure out what I did with my camera cable, I'd show you pictures before...
  12. News you can use
    The economics of love and happiness You may think economics is just about GDP and the Fed. But actually, it's the science of weighing costs and benefits - which makes it also very useful for solving problems in everyday life.
  13. General Chat
    Several years ago this woman found a sick, malnourished lion cub in the jungle. She took the cub home and fed him and brought him up until he was too big to keep anymore. Then she made arrangements with a zoo in Columbia to take the lion. Here's a video of what happened when she went to visit...
  14. Frugal Living
    I can't believe how the atmosphere has changed so dramatically in our home. Since dh quit his job and we have been pinching our pennies there is such a calm. There is no more rushing, everything has slowed down. The girls are more relaxed too. Like today for example, dd 16 said "someone has...
  15. Health and beauty
    What we eat does affect us. I consider myself to be an example of this article. Once I started on my Raw food journey, within day's I noticed my entire thought process and mood shifting to a positive very spiritual level. Eating raw has made everyday the best day now. Lynn...
  16. Home and family challenges
    Well, apart from the usual cooking, cleaning, driving, shopping and running the budget I.... Took 2 6lb cans of diced tomatos froms Sams club($6) 2 onions(.50 about--I had a whole bag) 2 bell peppers(EGADS $1.50--I am PLANTING some this year--wowza on the price!) about a cup chopped hot...
  17. Health and beauty
    After doing alot of soul searching over the past several year's, I have learned just how powerful that forgiveness can be in ones life. Read on and enjoy:-) ((HUGS)) Lynn
  18. Freebies
  19. General Chat
    Do any of you feel a sense of cheerfulness, indulgence, or joy? After you have your place completely cleaned or accomplished what was on your to-do list? I myself noticed this last night after just cleaning off the coffee table and started lighting candles around my apartment it was such a...
  20. General Chat
    I was thinking about In years past I can remember thinking that money doesn't buy happiness but the lack of it, a serious lack of it can surely buy a lot of unhappiness. These days I find a lot of happiness in the journey itself, not just my frugal journey but my daily life. Are...
1-20 of 32 Results