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  1. Question and Answer
    I have had carpet in my bedrooms, family room and livingroom. I am seriously considering getting hardwood floors in all of my bedrooms. I would like to know your pros and cons of keeping each clean Thanks
  2. Home Environment
    There is a bit of my floor that has some dried paint on it - the little splatter of dots from painting with a roller (I did not do this - I always wipe up when the paint is wet). What is the best way to clean this without damaging the finish on the hardwood?
  3. Home Decorating
    The house we are buying has cherry hardwood floors in the hallway, they are in great shape but have been there for years and so the colours would not be the same as when they were installed. We are going to rip the carpet out of the bedrooms and put down hardwood, but it's not going to match...
  4. Home Environment
    I just moved to my new flat and I can tell the hardwood floors are dirty. I know they're unfinished because I put some drops of water in a corner and they didn't bead, they just soaked right in. I plan to sweep and vacuum frequently and have a no shoes policy, but I'd really like to give them...
  5. Question and Answer
    I didn't want to hijack Pips thread (beautiful job btw Pip). Do any of you have hardwood floors in your living room? Do you like it? pro and cons please. How about pets? We have dogs and was wondering if the nails will destroy the floor? thanks
  6. Home Decorating
    And before anyone suggests it, I do not want to do it ourselves. :laugh: I'm looking for a ballpark figure/sq. foot. Also wondering what other costs I'll need to consider as we currently have carpeting down (no hardwood underneath, unfortunately) such as the carpet removal. TIA :)
  7. Question and Answer
    DH and I have an opportunity to buy Shaw laminate flooring for 0.99/sq. ft, which is a big deal to me considering we need to replace almost 1,000 sq. ft. of carpeting. My questions are: (a) For those of you who may have hardwood laminate flooring, do you like it? Does it seem durable? (b)...
  8. Home Decorating
    Anyone have a ballpark figure on cost for this? We have hardwood all downstairs, except for the bathroom & living room. At some point we're going to put it down in the living room, but we also want to get the other room's floors refinished. TIA :)
  9. Home Environment
    I know there have been a couple threads about homemade cleaner recipes, but I couldn't find them. I am really looking for a hardwood floor cleaner, I have a good window, and multi-purpose cleaner but I'm really needing something to use on my hardwood floors. I know vinegar would work, but I...
  10. Question and Answer
    i just threw away a big carpet remant and under it looks like it was really wet..the dog had some accidents more than i thought i guess..anything i can do frugally to fix the floor? thanks
  11. DIY
    I just got the estimate to redo my hardwood floors. The estimate is $1700. I know the floors will look great but I just can't see myself paying someone $1700 if I can do the work myself. I have a neighbor who is constantly saying I would not be able to do it because I am not strong enough...
  12. Home Decorating
    Anyone have experience with both? I'd like to hear your reviews of either or both actually. We're looking at both. We have some hardwood under our carpet. So if we go with that we'll have to 1. try to match it 2. sand 3. stain 4. seal it, about 5 times. IF we should go with laminate, it has a...
  13. Just Tips
    I don't have hardwood floors but I really want them. I may have to set this tip aside and when I do have them try it out for myself. ----------------------------------------------------- Greetings Thrifty Friend, An "accident" in my home will benefit all of you and save you money because of...
  14. Home Environment
    to clean them. I'm iso a regular cleaner. I've heard of using vinegar and water, but I'm not sure I like the idea of water on wood. I don't see a super shiny finish on these floors, so I am not sure what type of protection seal there is. They are in good condition though. I don't care if they...
  15. Home Decorating
    We have a lot of hardwood throughout our house, and while I really prefer the look of it, I sometimes wonder if just vacuuming carpeting is easier. Of course it is easier to change the look when you have hardwood since you can just change a throw/accent rug for a new look. Plus, it's a great...
  16. Home Environment
    Mine never have that nice polished, sheen that others have on their floors. I have hardwood in my kitchen, living room, and the halls in between, so it's a good amount and I'd like for them to look nice. What do you use? Chelle :ribbon:
  17. Home Decorating
    We will be doing some much needed redecorating during dh's vacation next month. Included in this will be removing our yucky carpet in the living room and dining room and refinishing the hardwood floors underneath. Has anyone done this before? Tips? Hints?
  18. Home Environment
    I used to use Mop n Glo for hardwood floors, and it worked great. I can't find it any more though, and I've tried a few and didn't like the dull residue they left behind. Any recommendations? TIA!
1-18 of 19 Results