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  1. Support
    with my mom dying, my brother in the hospital, now we find out my granddaughter had a head-on accident on the offramp of a highway with a drunk driver. thank god she is okey. actually, with seeing the pictures of her totaled car it is amazing she just has a few bruises. the other kid is okey...
  2. Financial hardship
    So our baby that was born August 1st needed surgery after he was born so he stayed in NICU for 26 days. We knew that he would be in NICU, but given all of our other medical and debt obligations we weren't able to sock money away to pay for any of this. DS and I have each met our $3000 out of...
  3. Question and Answer
    Do you know who made this cherub head? If so, what is the name of the product and what year was it produced? Thanks!
  4. Frugal Living
    Finding best price can make your head spin Dial soap 8 pack examples from my stores Store #1 Walmart $3.88 for the eight pack Store #2 Walgreen's $5.99 for eight pack like whoa that is a bunch of cash. so store #1 sounds like the better deal but wait they are having a buy one get on free...
  5. General Chat
    Well it has been awhile since I was here. Thought I was doing so well and wonderful, until things just started falling apart. Financially, emotionally, and close to physical. So in thinking, I decided I need to get back to my roots. So I am coming back to the frugalness that has helped me...
  6. Support
    seems like everything is happening to me-im in conn. right now we were coming here to visit a friend here when we were just 10 miles short of reaching him and still in ny state when another driver came racing off a ramp ,spun out and then shot out in front of us AND WE HIT HIM HEAD ON AT 65-we...
  7. General Chat
    I am through. I've had enough. I can't take it anymore. I have a friend, she's a sweet gal, but man... CLUELESS. I have been coaching her with her debt. She WAS making progress. Now she went and blew it! She KNEW in April that her hubby was laid off for the summer. What did they do? they got...
  8. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    Stashing the zucchini bread away in the freezer, perhaps? Or making some cookies that freeze well? There's only 133 days left until Christmas! :yikes:
  9. Hobbies
    Amazing Project! A free template! Chronicle Books Blog Blog Archive Chronicle Craft: Sneak Peek Project and Book Giveaway
  10. Frugal Living
    Let me preface this by explaining I have -needed- a new kitchen table for 3 or 4 years now. Ours is scratched, dented, painted, get the picture,. esp. after it going through 3 small children in a household that's hard on furniture. Seems every where I look the table's not big...
  11. Leisure & Media Arts
    This sometimes drives me nuts & I know I'm not alone. For days now the lyrics: From the Beatles I am the eggman They are the eggmen I am the walrus Goo goo g' joob G-goo goo g' joob ~ And this from Kesha: Don’t stop, make it pop DJ, blow my speakers up Tonight, I’mma fight ‘Til we see the...
  12. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    but, I won't. I am giving up the battle of trying to get him to see that a lump sum payoff would be more beneficial to us than getting the monthly payment for the next 10 years (if he lives that long). Him: How much of the money would you want to put into the IRA? Me: None, why would we...
  13. Southeast Pals
    Hello Southeast pals,..just thought I would do a quick intro and see if there is anyone here from SC? I am moving to Hilton Head in Aug,..any pointer or tops on the area??
  14. Homesteading and gardening 11 September 2009 Dracunculus vulgaris Seed Head Dracuncul vulgaris seed head now a bright red throughout. The seed pods are soft and mushy. There are two seeds in each pod. Stalks are getting soft and starting to fall over.
  15. Freebies
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  16. Homesteading and gardening
    Dracunculus vulgaris Seed Head 17 August 2009 Dracunculus vulgaris Seed Head This is the first year that seeds have been produced. I will try to propagate some from seed. Summary: Dracunculus vulgaris
  17. Freebies
    ****Warning, this takes anywhere from ten minutes to an hour to load and complete form because site so slow. But looks worth it. add to cart & complete checkout process TIGI Bed Head Lip Palette - 10 Colors
  18. Breads and muffins
    Cat Head Biscuits Recipe DescriptionCat Head is a Southern colloquial term regarding the size of the biscuits. Recipe makes seven large biscuits. I cook them in a cast iron biscuit pan with seven cells. They could be as easily dropped onto a sheet pan. Preparation...
  19. Financial hardship
    Due to some weird job situations, we are pretty much in over our heads in debt. Our expenses are as follows- and FYI we own a house in maine that we are upside down on, and we are currently living with DH's brother in MA (the jobs pay more down here) till we can get out of this mess- which is...
  20. General Chat
    The other day, dd9 wanted to get a hot drink while we were out. I told her she needed to use her money, she said fine. We get to the counter, she orders her hot smoothie and pays. the clerk goes to get it, and it's not working, offers her a cappuccino instead. I told her this is a 9yo! So NO, a...
1-20 of 84 Results