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  1. Health and beauty
    I am 57 and have suffered from frequent and sometimes severe headaches for years. Often so bad that I would have to leave work and go home which costs $$$$. Aspirin, Tylenol and any over the counter pain killers were often useless. I cant tell you how many times I have had to plan my activities...
  2. Health and beauty
    Man oh man... Pounding headache today. It feels like my heart is in my head and I just got done running a marathon. So tell me your beat all end all headache remedy. Tylenol did nothing for me today. :(
  3. Question and Answer
    Ok, so my wife and I have a really lousy car loan with a ridiculous interest rate. We'd love to get rid of it, but are about $5000- $6000 upside down in what we owe so we really can't sell it. The monthly payment is seriously destroying our attemps at having a wise monthly budget to allow for...
  4. Frugal Living
    I am curious as to what people feel is the best frugal headache relief whether it is for migraine,tension,or sinus headaches. Thanks everyone.
  5. Freebies My hubby likes these, so this is a cool freebie for me...
  6. Freebies After 75 years of providing fast pain relief, Goody’s Headache Powders® — the favorite pain reliever of race fans — introduces a revolutionary...
  7. General Chat
    go away. I've had this headaches since they tried to do that stress test with that drug I had that bad reaction too. Been to my Dr today will have an EKG done on Friday and see my Dr again on the 31, She gave me mega doesage of steroids. My heart rate was 111 which is way to fast. I am so tired...
  8. Health and beauty
    Coffee and Tea make me nauseated now, :down: so I have a terrible headache! I've tried soda, sleeping, etc. It won't go away! HELP!
  9. Green Living
  10. Health and beauty
    I think it's safe to ask this question, not to personal. Do you get the headache from h*ll right before your period? I'm talking about the headache to end all headaches, makes your soul even hurt. I have it today and I get it EVERY month. I've tried all the over the counter pain meds...
  11. Family
    WELL HERE I AM AGAIN-----i just needed to vent to all my buddies--sorry in advance for the length!! DH can be so nice some days and then i find out things that really irritate and make me :furious: Day before yesterday he said the "trash girl" floozy emailed him and he didn't email her back...
1-11 of 11 Results