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  1. General Chat
    I have set up an appointment to likely get a hearing aid on Saturday. This is all very new for me and I am nervous / confused / etc. It seems that my insurance MAY potentially cover up to €400 of the cost but that is not for sure... that's a 'best case' scenario. I am most likely going to get...
  2. General Chat
    Not only am I tired of hearing "I want" but also it's sister "I don't want" My mom has been using this a bunch lately. And it is getting on my nerves. She needs two new tires. Goes to wal mart Tells them she only wants the tires nothing extra (since install is free) They say they have to...
  3. Family
    So last year and the year before DD was telling me she was hearing voices telling her to do things to us. She hasn't brought it up in almost a year. Then last night when I was helping her get out of the shower and drying her hair she goes mama remember when I use to hear the voices? I said yes...
  4. Freebies
    FREE Sample of Energizer AudioPRO Hearing Aid Batteries
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  7. General Chat
    For those of you who are hearing impaired or know someone who is hearing impaired, what kind of job do you have? I'm asking because I'm hearing impaired and work in retail (Supermarket). I didn't mind working there when I first started a little over 5 yrs. ago. But since I been hired, there's...
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    I dragged teh kids with me to the thrift store before they closed at noon. And I spent $19: * 3 binders filled with 'Disney' cards in baseball card holder. * 5 children's books * 1 crockpot cookbook. * 1 breadmaker cookbook. * 1 small Tupperware container * 1 Gunne Sax dress (for DD to grow...
  9. Support
    It wasn't too bad, but thank God our hearing time was 9 AM. The trustee said they normally have 50 cases a day, but were hearing 700! Everyone filed before the 10/17 law change I suppose. One trustee would call out a group of people at a time - these were people the main trustee did not have...
  10. Support
    Our bankruptcy hearing is this morning at 9 AM. Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated. Once this is over I will feel like we can move forward.
  11. General Chat
    ...and the dr. said he has a 30% temporary hearing loss, due to liquid behind his eardrums.... He told me to try to teach him to blow his nose 3-4 times a day...that could help and we are going back in mid-august. If things aren't better, the dr. said he will insert tubes in his ears. The dr...
  12. General Chat
    What are brownie points? And how did I move from Jr. Pennypincher to Competent Cheapskate? Just wondering. Thanks again. In His Grace, Wildflower
1-12 of 14 Results