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  1. General Chat
    Does it cost more to heat/cool a house that is minimally furnished (one bedroom is completely empty) vs one that is furnished at a more "normal" level? TIA
  2. Utilities
    Hello all, I will be moving into a top floor 1-bedroom apartment (building is 4 stories) and I want to be as economical as I can about my electric heating. I've read a lot of past threads about people turning their heat down during the day when they're at work, etc. I was wondering, would it...
  3. Frugal Living
    It's been sooo up and down here in Michigan. 80s in March, freezing cold in April. I've had it, no more heat. Yes I hate the cold but I also hate the heating bills. No, its not so bad the pipes will freeze or anything but seriously. Bring on summer, bc the a/c won't get turned on either!
  4. Utilities
    We live in PA, in a ranch home that was built in the 60's. Help me decide. We used to use oil to heat our house and then got a pellet stove put in a few years ago, we used the oil for hot water and backup heat (hot water baseboard) in case the pellet stove wasn't working. Fast forward to this...
  5. Question and Answer
    I live in Va, in the Shenandoah Valley. My dh is quite cold natured, but for some reason will walk around announcing that it's freezing in here in a tshirt and sweats. I, on the other hand, have a long johns shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants and socks on. I keep an electric throw on me while I am in...
  6. General Chat
    Well, it has been getting into the 30's and even the 20's at night here so I have turned the heat on offically this year. Yuck!!! My heat is turned down very low so it has only been running at night and early morning. Guess that is ok since winter is officially here in 4 days. Just keeping...
  7. General Chat
    The heat in my building has not been working properly for about 5 weeks now. The boiler had a pump that needed to be replaced. No problem right well the boiler is so old that they had to get a part special made. Thank goodness it has not been that cold because the heat only runs at night between...
  8. General Chat
    Just tuned the heat on. Set it at 64 degrees. Cat is on my lap also keeping warm. Personally I think it is to early to have it on but atleast I know it is working. Anyone else out there dreading winter this year?
  9. Kitchen Basics
    ~What are your favorite toppings for an ice cream sundae? My favorite sundae is dark chocolate ice cream with bananas, coconut and pineapple. :hungry: ~
  10. General Chat
    Can't help but wonder what else I can do to save on electricity during the heat wave. Last night the electricity went out three separate times. First time was a really long brown out. Really scary since I heard a loud crackle and boom. Last two the power went out for a couple minutes. Now I...
  11. General Chat
    OMG I am sooo hot my thermostat does not read any higher and it reads to about 95F!!!! I don't have AC, it is almost midnight and still about 103F outside with the humidity! I have six fans going, water all over the place for the pets. DD just feel asleep about 40mins ago. I go in and spritz her...
  12. Midwest Pals
    How is everyone coping with the heat and humidity? I'm mostly staying inside the air conditioned house today although I did hang two loads of laundry on the clothes line. Any one coping without air conditioning?
  13. South Pals
    So are we all going to start singing "it's a heat wave" Did we ever have a spring....I remember some wet months but a spring....nope
  14. General Chat
    17 years ago I got sun poisoning and the beginning effects of a heat stroke. Still til this day I cannot take the heat and/or the humidity. It makes me sicker than a dog for days. Other than moving to a dry cool place is there any way to get over this? I love gardening and working in the...
  15. Utilities
    I turned the heat off in our house last night. It's been hovering around zero in the mornings and at night time for a few weeks now. We've even found it hot at night in the house for the last week and had windows open during the day. Figured it was safe to turn it off up here in the Great...
  16. Home Environment
    I am so angry, mainly at myself. I hate, hate, hate our oil furnace. :angry: This is only our second winter in this house, and I'm trying to figure out how much oil we need. Last winter was not a normal winter so it's hard to judge from that, and the people before averaged 5 fill-ups of a 350...
  17. General Chat
    So I am curious, how many of you have the windows wide open to let in the fresh fall air, wearing warmer clothing and determined not to turn the heat on in the evening? I keep on watching the weather forecast to make sure it does not get to cold at night. I am hoping the weather lasts for...
  18. Kitchen Basics
    Looks like the Dog days of Summer :hot:are on our doorstep with temperatures steadily rising today through Wednesday or Thursday when it's supposed to hit 98º. :thud: How do you feed your family when it's so hot? Me, I plan ahead and do any cooking early in the day. I try to center meals around...
  19. Question and Answer
    Just wondering what are some of your tips/ideas on how to keep an elderly person hydrated during the summer or heatwaves/heat alerts. I know the larger cities set up 'cooling stations' where you can visit or pop in if you're downtown with free water/juice and its usually air conditioned. My...
1-19 of 124 Results