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    I'm letting you have multiple choices because I couldn't choose one over the other. Who would you rather have in your kitchen? And we might not be talking about cooking here! :hubba: :hubba:
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    i am not sure of how to post messages privately... can someone please direct me how to do this.?>>. heheheh... :D :D :D i am sooooo computer illiterate... i really dont know how i make money on my computer.. i think its my little angel on my shoulder who does all the work... hehhehehehhe :D :D...
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    Couldnt resist :D
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    hiya everbuddy..! I just wanted to test this thingie out...:yikes: LOL I love these smilies!!! Im Marcie..I gots FOUR yes FOUR boys! never a dry toilet seat to be found in my house! my only daughter is a 100+ lb Bloodhound by the name of Pearly Blue. she doesnt care much for cute lil...