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  1. Kitchen Clones
    Hi everyone! Can you tell me best Oven for my kitchen. I need for long term. thanks
  2. Home Decorating
    I need major decorating help and I know there are some wonderfully creative people here. I just uploaded a bunch of pics on my blog, please check it out and help me rearrange my livingroom. Also, this week I'm giving away a piece of costume jewelry so if you make a comment, you'll...
  3. General Chat
    Ok, so Ive gotten crappy at posting on here. And I've discovered that in doing so, I've doomed myself and my future. Yes, its not an exaggeration. When I don't go on here DAILY, I spend like there's no tomorrow, and regrettably (and as if by clockwork) tomorrow does come, and we're short money...
  4. Kitchen Basics
    i opened a can of waterchestnuts, one end was sucked in, one end was normal feeling. when i opened it, it sucked air in and shot liquid out about 3 feet. Just a small stream as i 'd only just punctured the can with the can opener...smells...tinny...
  5. Frugal Living
    What home insurance company do you use? Who have you heard bad things about? good things? Thanks!
  6. General Chat
    I need to increase my typing speed!! I have until August 13 to get from 30 wpm to at least 50. more would be even better. I am aware that practice makes perfect. I can type pretty quickly when I am just typing out my thoughts...but when copying text I screw it all up. Any ideas? Broke, can't...
  7. General Chat
    I feel dumb, but... This morning I was in the kitchen making my coffee and I saw an animal out of the corner of my eye. I figured the neighbor's dog had just gotten loose, but when I went to the window I saw a pack of five of these things. I was lucky enough to have my digital camera on the...
  8. Baking Breads
    So I gave my first shot at making bread from scratch today. I used the Beginner's Bread recipe that had been posted somewhere on this board before. I followed the recipe exactly and everything worked find, except the bread just never seemed to bake throughly. The recipe says that if it sounds...
  9. General Chat
    :feedback: Many of you live in cold climates and I'm wondering if you had a choice would you stay there or move to a warmer climate? We are planning to move from:sun: Southern California to c-c-c-old Colorado! There are many reasons for the move: financial, good public schools in the area we...
  10. Christmas
    I haven't done much in the way of homemade gifts the past few weeks, kinda feeling nesting with the pregnanancy, thinking I need almost 20, thinking pre-quilted fabric, quick sew, 2-3 per night for a week or so and I can knock them out. My sewing skills are rusty and minimal so if anyone has...
  11. General Chat
    I was burning a candle. The wax dripped more than i had anticipated for and runned over the drip cup...onto the floor which had my son's favorite teddy bear on it!! I have honestly never seen so much drippage on any candle ever. I have tried freezing the bear and picking opff the wax, scraping...
  12. Kitchen Basics
    I was going to have macaroni and cheese, No butter ! I'm not going to the store . Anyone now if you can make cheese sauce without using butter???probably not. I might just have to do something different.
  13. Automotive
    i need to get a new(new to me) car. :cry: my car is running hot and im not putting any more money into it. :eek: . so im going to lease a used care from a dealer..i cant take a chance on an indepentant used car( from someone on the street):puke: i need advice , so ladies and...
  14. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    Our garden has a ton of cukes and I do not know how to process them, does anyone have a simple recipe for pickles canning or anything, I hate to give them all away. Thanks for any help.
  15. Kitchen Clones
    Does anyone know of a copy cat recipe for The Olive Garden's Chicken Fettuchine Alfredo? The alferdo part I know, basically, but they do something with the chicken that I just can't seem to duplicate.
  16. Kitchen Basics
    I purchased a few items, to make a dessert I tried at my Grandma's. I just can't remember if I have everything. I don't even know the name for it. So I bought dessert shells made from angel food cake strawberry glaze fresh strawberries & cool whip Do you guys know what I'm talking...
  17. Sewing
    I was given a Singer Ultralock 14 U34 from a church member, and I can't figure out the order in which to thread it. I can thread each one correctly, but apparently the order in which the outer, and inner loopers, and the upper and lower loopers get threaded matters?? do you have this particular...
  18. General Chat
    I have been searching all over cyberspace this morning for a copy of a poodle skirt poodle to cut and copy, something I can simply print and transfer to felt for cutting out--any suggestions???? Thanks .
  19. General Chat
    my kids have been bugging me. They want an old fashioned popcorn maker and a cotton candy maker. A popcorn popper like the movie theaters/carnivals have. And a cotton candy maker...any form they can get it. I have looked at ebay, froogle,, bidville, freecycle...
1-19 of 42 Results