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  1. General Chat
    I am on my sons Ipod touch..I am glad I can at least let someone know something is wrong with this site.i can go to any other site and it is fine? My son is upset with me because he still thinks that there is a virus here.i don not understand what's going on? I hope gabe or Russ can help? I will...
  2. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I am looking for the photo of Harrison Ford in jeans and a chino shirt. He is bare footed. We had it posted here in the "Hot?" posts a few weeks ago. I want to show it to DH and can't find it. HELP!!!
  3. Computers
    My Norton Antivirus poppoed up and said that I have a Trojan Horse virus. It is almost finals again and everythime I work on this &%$# paper, I lose it. I just keep printing every few minutes.  It said it was unable to "fix" it or quarantine it! Does anyone know what I should do?
  4. General Chat
    HELP!!! Working at K-mart is undermining my frugal mind set!!!!! I keep finding these wonderful deals on clearanced merch...but that really isn't the's the STUFF that isn't on sale!! Like the ring I put in layaway.... or the Chicago DVD I bought outright...wonderful movie...
  5. Frugal Living
    Ladies, I hope you can help me! I have fallen off of the bandwagon this past month. It all started w/ the Hurricane (Lili) & prep for it followed by having to restock the refrig after losing all of our cold items. I had to work more this past month so that meant I was unable to do the...
1-5 of 6 Results