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  1. General Chat
    I had the pleasure of meeting Jan a while ago and have been amazed what she has been able to do for others when I know there are days she can barley do for herself. Jan has Fibromyalgia and there are days that even getting out of bed is a challenge, let alone going out in cold and/or stressful...
  2. Christmas
    Please send a handwritten holiday card to a hero that is away from home defending us. The service is provided by the American Red Cross. Holiday Mail for Heroes
  3. General Chat
    Last year my grandfather died. He was my hero. At his funeral and viewing there were at least 150 people! I looked around that week and decided that his life was definitly the life I wanted. He was an average guy, he had 11 brothers and sisters growing up and had quit school in 8th grade to help...
  4. For Sale or Trade
    After putting some of these sets aside for the Houseape's Christmas, I have a few left over. I have 3 sets that are adult size medium and 1 set that is an adult size large. All hats are one size fits all. I will trade one Guitar Hero Tshirt & hat set for 200 Pokemon or Magic the Gathering cards...
  5. Hot deals
    Best Buy Guitar Hero Clothing Sale: Up to 90% off Up to 90% off Best Buy cuts up to 90% off a selection of Guitar Hero-branded apparel and accessories in its outlet section. Shipping adds $5.49; however, many are only available for in-store pickup. Even with shipping, each is the lowest total...
  6. For Sale or Trade
    I will trade 1 .42 postage stamp for every Guitar Hero t-shirt token or for every Guitar Hero Hat token that you are able to send me.These tokens can be found on the backs of specially marked boxes of Kelloggs cereal( GH shirt) and Pop Tarts (GH hat). The tokens are getting harder to find...
  7. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    I will trade one .42 cent stamp for every Guitar Hero T-Shirt token that you send me. These are the tokens that can be found on the back of some Kelloggs cereal boxes (apple jacks, frosted flakes, frosted mini wheats & others).I would be soo grateful for the tokens, as there are many Guitar Hero...
  8. Simple Living
    And he lives just a few miles down the road. King of Scrounge He makes me hopeful that a truly simple life IS possible in today's world.
  9. General Chat
    I woke up to hear my DH laughing at the tv so when I came downstairs he said "I have a new hero!" I turned to the TV to find him watching DAVE RAMSEY! :hurray::hurray::hurray: Little by little, DH is getting onboard with the idea of frugality and saving. I'm so happy.
  10. Freebies Free planet hero's dvd
  11. News you can use
    Real Katrina hero? Wal-Mart, study says Empowered to 'do the right thing,' employees gave away supplies and offered sleeping space after the 2005 hurricane. Local knowledge allowed big-box retailers to respond before FEMA could.
  12. Freebies
    For those who have lost someone to the war or know someone who has. Project Compassion is a way to say “Thank you” to those American servicemen and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for America — and for the loved ones they have left behind. For no fee, Kaziah will paint an original...
  13. Pets
    Nemo the goldfish died, so i thought it would be nice to let John pick out a new small pet. I'm thinking a frog or a mouse, he picks a leopard gecko! I was nervous about the idea, they eat bugs, and I'm a bit squeemish, but he was so interested, so I sprung for the lizard and all his supplies...
  14. Military Families
    My new son in lae gave me a Hero band to wear as well as a blue star banner to hang in my window. Here is a link if anyone else is interested. I wear mine proudly
  15. Military Families
  16. Freebies
  17. General Chat
    Imagine my surprise when I pulled up my smilies list and my guy was there!!!! :yippee: Thanks Sara!! :hug2: :thud: <= I love him!!
  18. Family
    Will - bless his little pea-pickin' heart!! He wasn't getting a lot of hours at Skechers - he had 80some hours one pay period (2 wks) and now he's lucky if he gets 10.... He was most distressed by this, so he marched his little self down to Popeye's (chicken joint) & applied, interviewed, and...
  19. Support
    We just found out a little while ago that a young man from here was k.i.a. yesterday in Iraq. I'm asking for prayers for the family of this young man. They don't have a large circle of support and will be needing all the comfort that they can get. His name was Aaron. Thanks everyone.
1-20 of 22 Results