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  1. General Chat
    Been gone for a while...Got a question. If someone gave you 2 dz. ripe, lucious tomatoes--what would you do w/ them? Keep in mind that they must be used quickly. All ideas welcome! Hugs, Graci
  2. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    I've noticed no one has stopped by this forum so I thought I would start out and see if anyone relpies. I am a sahm, I have 2 girls. I live by the shore and love it. in my spare time I sell on ebay, bake, scrapbook and play with the girls. Not nessarily in that order. Hope to meet some new...
  3. Goals and Dreams
    I found this board a while back and have just begun to visit again, computer now Anyway, Our family is looking into buying a larger home this coming late spring. I'm scared to death! I am 39, sahm of 3 girls. We just refinanced our house and now we find out a home we love will be...
  4. General Chat
    Sara sure has been busy bobbing all us gals lately. I just changed my avatar and noticed I'd been fitted with a bobtail too. Thanks Sara. :cool:
  5. Quilting
    Hi, I'm Michele. May I join your quilt group? It sounds like you all have a lot of fun here! If so, how should I "jump" in? Thanks!
  6. General Chat
    I haven't been around much, I have been sooooo busy! I am spending the day with my village girls...I have my pics...I need to figure out how to post what's new around here? I feel so out of touch....I missed you all!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. West Pals
    My name is Kristen. I am a stay at home mom and would like to have a buddy who I can talk frugality with and talk mommy stuff.
1-7 of 10 Results