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  1. General Chat
    Snow in Hawaii! I was trying to find a post on here from earlier in the week...amazing! Check out the slide show on the same link!
  2. General Chat
    Have a great trip Debbie- I 'll be busy cooking today so I won't be on when you are - Have a fabulous time!! Relax & enjoy!! Get tan!! see you when you get back!! :heartsm: :wave2:
  3. Support
    Would you mind sharing how you found God - or were born agin or saved - I don't know the correct terminology... Debbie - I chose you because I think you have a little more of a chequered past like I do... and I think you "found your way" as an adult?? Did you and Jeff come to this together...
  4. Careers
    So Debbie, spill it! :D How was your 1st day as a librarian? Did the boys mind and do thier school work? Come on Deb, we are on pins and needles here! :D
  5. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Debbie, may your birthday be filled with love, friendship and all God's blessings.  You are such a special person and we all love you!  Happy Birthday my friend!
  6. General Chat
    8000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smball: You are such a wonderful part of the Village and we don't know what we'd do without you!! You are a kind, kind lady!!!!:angel: Keep on postin'!!:smball:
  7. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy Anniversary to the two of you on celebrating 19 years of marriage. May you have many more wonderful years, filled with love. :smball:
  8. General Chat
    Thank you girls for the coupons. You ladies are sooooo sweet!
  9. Kitchen Basics
    I'm sitting here enjoying some with my morning tea. It is YUMMY! :chef: Very delicious and moist, and it was a cinch to make. I made it after I came home from work yesterday. I have the mini loaf pans, so I'm going to make some for gifts. Thanks Debbie for the yummy recipe!
  10. General Chat
    I got my Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons in the mail yesterday. Thanksomuch! I'm going for a mammogram on Tuesday and I'll make a couple of runs in there for my 20% off those rugs :thumb: . I really appreciate it!
  11. General Chat
    1000 posts, way to go Debbie!!! Just keep them coming, love to read what you have to say!!!!!:smball: :angel:
  12. General Chat
    I pm'd you a reply...but did it thru my yahoo...could you just let me know if you got it ok? I go no kind of conformation on my end....thanks
1-12 of 14 Results