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  1. General Chat
    So a local news crew honed in on my reunion with Zac-----here's the video. I am the woman holding the baby....while running. He's HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. For Sale or Trade
    I have a few dresses for sale. Jovanni size 4 yellow dress, Best Offer 3 size 14-16 Jovanni dresses, Best Offer, All are excellent condition.
  3. Family
    DD#2 made the homecoming court, which is a big deal around here. Parades, cars, etc. I am really happy for her, but my gosh is it ever expensive. Money is already a bit tight and DH has been working OT as much as humanly possible. I will really have to try to stay within our means for this. Wish...
  4. Family
    Here is dd in her homecoming dress. What happened to my little girl? Her date's name is Jerry.
  5. Family
    with friends! biggest baby..aint no baby Carol
  6. General Chat
    And I think I'm more excited than she is, ROFL! She is going with her friend, Phil. They kind of asked each other, but they stress they are going only as friends! lol I miss high school, can you tell?
  7. General Chat
    Homecoming is today. There will be a parade with floats from all of the classes K-12 and the community (pre school, nursing home, assisted living place ...), marching bands from our school and our rival, and more. There are bake sales and raffles. The whole town gets involved. We used to...
  8. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I went for about the first six or seven years in a row after high school, and since then have been to a couple here and there-- mostly on years when we did an alumni band. I came home from college for Homecoming games those first few years because my sister was always on the Homecoming court...
  9. Kitchen Basics
    My church will be having homecoming in a few weeks and I need some ideas for a dish to bring. I want to bring something that does not have to be kept hot or reheated. The kitchen at church is so small and there will be too many already trying to heat up something. And..... since I am a...
1-10 of 10 Results