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  1. Home Environment
    This is an excellent recipe & it works every time with no spots...yay!
  2. Laundry
    If you don't already have an empty detergent bottle? I normally use powder detergent but have made my first batch of the liquid and am wondering what would be a good option for storing it in the laundry room? I thought about an empty ice cream bucket but I don't like the idea of having to deal...
  3. Question and Answer
    Two years ago my mom and sister bought me a bathroom vanity for my 20th wedding anniversary. It has a granite countertop. Are there any homemade cleaners that will not pit the granite? What works best for you?
  4. Meal planning
    Does anyone have the recipe for homemade pepperoni? I've seen it mentioned a couple of times here but when I entered it into the search, there were 19 pages of posts that had the word pepperoni in them! Yikes! Thanks in advance.
  5. Pets
    So I've been keeping my eyes peeled for materials so that I can build my own wall mounted cat climber in the finished basement playroom (9' ceilings with large basement windows with ledge). My idea is loosely based on this but will be mounted directly to the wall not a door....Smart Cat...
  6. Christmas
    She has 4 kids. Past few years I've given Victoria Secret gift cards out of desperation. I really want something homemade. Have already given: picture frames numerous years, (including a home decorated one that flopped) lotion stuff but she prefers Bath/Body, clothing and is very fashionable...
  7. Christmas
    I hope this isnt posted somewhere already but I thought we should start a thread about our progress on our homemade items for Christmas 2011 I am currently making a blue and white crochet rag rug for my sisters blue and white kitchen, then I plan on making a cross stitch picture for my mother...
  8. Home and family challenges
    Too soon? :lol3: Just looking at the tiny impersonal pile of stuff that I spent a fortune on at the last minute, and thought it was time for my annual vow to do better next year ;). The only thing I made myself was the bath salts for my mother in law - and only because she specifically asked...
  9. General Chat
    I read the most touching gift idea from a blogger that I stumbled on who I found reads ANOTHER blog that I read that is based in Maine. Oddly enough, I found out that she lives just a few miles from me AND we have been in the same homesteading class together. Here blog is a day to day for her...
  10. General Chat
    I would like to make homemade almond roca, peppermint bark,cashew brittle and macaroons today..but I know they won't stay fresh or it will go stale before Christmas..Any ideas? I googled it and didn't comeup with anything..Thank you..
  11. Question and Answer
    Anyone know of any to clean a brass lamp?
  12. Breads and muffins
    Super simple homemade rolls Recipe DescriptionThese easy to make rolls are a fraction of the cost of store bought rolls and taste much better. Preparation Steps:Gather ingredients and measure out. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Grease or spray muffin tin. Level of...
  13. Pasta
    Homemade Noodles Recipe DescriptionMy oldest daughter loves these! Preparation Steps: Level of Difficulty:Easy Time Needed: Ingredients:2 cups of flour 2 eggs Pinch of salt Serves: Directions:Mix all ingredients. Roll thin with flour, then roll like...
  14. Halloween
    After thinking about this, I think that we will be having homemade Halloween treats this year instead. Sugar/cinnamon popcorn, candy apples & Halloween cookies (& anything else that I can think of to make). Just curious as to who else won't be buying into the candy market:)
  15. Question and Answer
    I made my first loaf of homemade bread the other day and it turned out just fine. It was a very simple recipe for white bread and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The only problem was it didn't make good sandwhich bread. It was too difficult to cut thin enough and extremely crumbly. It pretty...
  16. Sewing
    ~What gift turned out the best? What item did you most enjoy making? What was your best received homemade gift? Do you have go-to, all purpose item you make for gifting?~
  17. Make It Yourself
    Window cleaner can be made at home for pennies! I just made my own Windex! Pour into your spray bottle with a funnel: 1/4 cup (rubbing) alcohol 1 tsp dishsoap (I use Dawn) 2 cups water 1 tsp ammonia blue food coloring (optional if desired) The alcohol really helps it evaporate and have...
  18. Question and Answer
    I am making homemade boston baked beans tonight for dinner and was wondering if I could "boil bath" can the leftovers.. There's no way we'll eat the entire batch tonight.. I don't have a pressure cooker so boiling is my only option. Here is the recipe: http://www.spam! It is better fried than...
  19. Appetizers
    Homemade boursin cheese spread Recipe DescriptionMakes about 3/4 cup Can be frozen Per Tablespoon: 67 Calories; 7g Fat; 1g Protein; trace Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; .5g Net Carbs Per 2 Tablespoons: 135 Calories; 14g Fat; 2g Protein; 1g Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; 1g...
  20. Make It Yourself
    I found this recipe somewhere.... Equal parts of: Dawn liquid dish detergent ammonia water That's it. I've tried it twice & it has worked! Once on a peach colored tshirt material. I haven't tried it on the color red. I haven't used Dawn on fabrics before, I'm hoping it won't fade colors. Does...
41-60 of 500 Results