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  1. Freebies
    American Family Free Subscription to Better Homes & Gardens for the first 25,000 (US) 19,013 Subscriptions Claimed
  2. Freebies
    Get a FREE Better Homes and Gardens Subscription this is available again for the first 7,000 people!! Hurry this may go fast! Free Better Homes and Gardens Subscription | Coupons or Bust I did it but figured they would want more info...nope, went thru with just name and address to mail...
  3. General Chat
    I've been looking online at the company that designs these homes. I think they are so neat! Here is a link to pics of the two story design. Miracle Homes - Mi-Pad Two Story Dh and and I are 99% we are going to sell our home and the land in 3 years when our last child graduates. I love our home...
  4. Utilities "One high-definition DVR and one high-definition cable box use an average of 446 kilowatt hours a year, about 10 percent more than a 21-cubic-foot energy-efficient refrigerator, a recent study found. "
  5. Green Living
    9 homes made of the darndest things - MSN Real Estate really neat !
  6. Home Environment
    I saw there was a mouse in my trap (yay!), but when I picked the trap up, it didn't look like a mouse. It's fur was thicker, almost mink like and it's nose was more pointy, and the tail wasn't nearly as long as what I generally see. I got to wondering if it might be a mole. I didn't know...
  7. Health and beauty
    My dd and dsil are power of attorney over his father.Theproblem they are havingis he isn't able to take care of himself. He doesn't eat, isn't suppose to drive but does, can barely walk, and has fallen and has alienated all the family to the point that they won't even visit.He has a horrid...
  8. General Chat
    ~I've been pondering how it seems to take so much longer for my generation to get ahead and a big roadblock is housing inflation. So just for comparison can we discuss the homes we grew up in? When did your parents buy it? How much was the purchase price? What was their income at the time? ~
  9. Financial hardship
    My husband was released from the hospital into a nursing home for intensive therapy. It is my understanding that after 21 days we become responsible for a daily co-pay and after 90 days for the full amount. When do these facilities look at taking a persons Social Security Disability check for...
  10. News you can use
    10 homes for sale in hot markets
  11. General Chat
    I'm beginning to see a trend around here. Young couples are getting married at the funeral home. Now when I first heard this, I :lol3: . Then I began to think about it. A lot of people aren't connected with a church, but they want something nicer than the courthouse. The funeral home has...
  12. Financial hardship
    I read this interesting article in The Washington Post this past weekend. Being a former mortgage banker, this interested me and I thought I would share it in hopes it might help someone. The grant program is called The Phases Program and those who live in the following states may be eligible...
  13. Freebies
    Free Pink Plaid House Party from Better Homes & Gardens sign up to qualify. they will notify you via email..... :grball::call:
  14. General Chat
    Do you use candles, potpourri? I'm looking for ways to keep my home smelling fresh! With one dog, one 6 year old, and two men it's hard to keep everything smelling fresh.
  15. Frugal Living
    Recently, with a lot of prayer, and looking over stuff..... we have decided that it is time for me to stay home. I am excitied about this, as I have dreamed of staying home for years now. But, last night, I had an anxiety attack. Funny enough, it had NOTHING to do with money. I was sitting...
  16. General Chat
    <p>This is something I had stumbled upon last night on another site. A bunch of ladies had gotten together and posted a link to where they had posted pictures of their homes. I had a lot of fun sifting through them last night, and thought it would be fun to do that here. I hope no one minds...
  17. Utilities
    If you dont mind me asking...................where do you live?, what type of house?, do you use oil for hotwater? and how many gallons do you use in a year? I just wanted to see if I am using the average amount or not. I live in PA in a 1300 sq foot brick ranch with a partially finished...
  18. Freebies Here is free 6mth Subscription for you moms.
  19. Green Living
1-20 of 38 Results