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  1. Education
    Hi everyone! I am new here. I have 2 kids, a 6 1/2 year old & an almost 3 year old. I started homeschooling Jared last year in Kindergarten. He has asthma & when he gets a cold or sick at all, he gets VERY sick. He started at a public school & was so sick in just the first month of being...
  2. Education
    This has probably been posted before You come to school in your PJ's. Your biology lab consists of assisting in your sibling's birth. Your stacks of books to check out is taller than the librarian. Your PE comes from chasing little toddlers around. Your school bus is a 9 passenger...
  3. Education
    These are notes from a seminar I attended at my state homeschool convention. The Organized Homeschooler Vicki Caruana * Five Categories of Organization We're All Struggling With 1.) Time 2.) Papers (paperwork) 3.) Supplies and materials 4.) Space (rooms, how to...
  4. Education
    I am homeschooling my ds16 for the first time this year. I would love to hear an advice or suggestions ya'll have. We are using University of Oklahama Independent Learning High School. We need to find a test proctor and OU does all the grading. We needed to keep this as simple as possible...
  5. Education
    Something I found very helpful when I began Homeschooling was to have a homeschool support group arrive in my mailbox on a regular schedule. Often an article or a suggestion or a tip would help me over some question I had. There are a lot of them out there now, and even more online support...
  6. Education
    Debra Bell is one of my favorite author's and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to homeschooling. Here is an article written by her about the reluctant homeschooler:
  7. Education
    Don't Throw it Away! It May Have Educational Value!
  8. Education
    This is one area I really fall down in and just recently purchased a book The Organized Home Schooler by Vicki Caruana. I just got started and want to discuss this somewhat so was wondering if your organized or not?
  9. Education
    I came across this while I was surfing just now. I don't know much about homeschooling, but it looks like an ok site.
  10. Education lots of info:angel:
1-10 of 10 Results