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  1. Computers
    A Lexmark x1240 all-in-one for 29.88. :yippee: I waited two years to get a replacement and I think i did great! has it there too.
  2. General Chat
    finily My 12 year old DD SSi was approved. YEAAAAAA I have been fighting this sence she was 5 .
  3. General Chat
    :dancing::yippee:  My Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!!!  Yeah baby!!!
  4. Family
    My son got his acceptance letter to the U of I. . . . . it's been laying on his desk for a few days and he hadn't opened it. He is accepted into the Aviation program with a major in Professional Pilot. So--- now he has just to be accepted to the NROTC program as he's already sworn in with the...
  5. General Chat
    Our HS football team won again tonight- makes us 3-0 for the season. But the best part? We beat Calhoun, a team our school has never beaten in our entire history! My dad even went to the game- also the only game he has ever attended! My son got to play quite a bit- and hurt his wrist but I...
  6. Frugal Living
    I'm so excited! I bid on 3 summer blouse for work, a new (in the box) watch, a cell phone case w/ holder for my gift box for 1 buck, and a 3 piece suit!! I looked at "view other items from this bidder" because the first blouse at 1.00 was so cheap. Boy! Did I hit paydirt! Look at my totals...
1-6 of 6 Results