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  1. General Chat
    OMGosh....I can't believe that 7 HA's are no longer little is turning 13 today. He gets to sleep in and can skip out on his chores...& it's a family holiday -so no school:) I find it astonishing that this kiddo is 6'1 already -I feel like a shrimp standing next to him (& my...
  2. Large Families
    Its an exciting/sad time for her/us lol:) She'll be moving to her apartment on the 1st. I am so thankful for our stockpile...we will be able to get her off to a good start on toiletries/cleaning supplies/some household things...enough to last her for 6 months:) I am so proud of her...yet a...
  3. Kids birthdays
    Benjamin is 24 today...he says he feels old.Lol. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by....actually the last 24 yrs:) - that makes me feel old:)
  4. Kids birthdays
    He is 14 today and is now taller than I am:) When we went to pick out his birthday cake, I felt like a shrimp walking next to him (6ft), HA #2 (6'2), and DH (6'4). Elijah sure is growing up:)
  5. General Chat
    Happy birthday Meagan!!!
  6. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    After a frustrating year in Physics,Dd18 has now graduated HS. She was suppose to have finished school in April, but had to slow down a little bit to conquer her Physics class. She did well...and is sooo relieved that its over:)Yay!!lol We're all very proud of her:)............................I...
  7. General Chat
    I'm a little sad & happy at the same time -does that make any sense?? Dd is celebrating her 19th bd today & I am sitting here wondering where my little girl with the blonde ponytails dissappeared to:(....But the same time, I am excited & blessed to see the person that she has become. She has...
  8. Halloween
    Hi everyone. Our imagination ran wild this Halloween...& it all started when I made a hanging skeleton out of milk jugs...then came the garbage bag ghosts...then a few trips to the thrift stores & garage sales & we had a haunted house (decorated the play house)...then we all got silly & wore...
  9. General Chat
    Poor Ds after his younger siblings were finished with their artwork.
1-9 of 9 Results