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  1. Home Environment
    saw this idea on another forum and thought I'd bring it over here... Housekeeping Hit List for this weekend (3/2 - 3/4): (It's massive and probably won't get it all done, but if you don't try you'll never know, so here goes...) (x) Laundry - already done! Recycling to center Dust living room...
  2. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    some states have county run programs for matching up people to live together i would google for senior programs in that area and see if anything comes up . i also see ads like that in church bulletins which are now often online once you find the church website look around .
  3. General Chat
    Housekeeping seems to be on a lot of our minds lately. I came across these, and thought someone here may like them.
  4. General Chat
    spinoff from another thread: how did you learn housekeeping? to some people it comes naturally, to some it has to be taught.
  5. Home Environment
    Regardless of whether or not you have a cleaning schedule (ie cleaning certain rooms on certain days), do you have a housekeeping routine? I tried to go back to scheduling tasks, but was never getting to the things I had scheduled. The house was chaos all the time, I never knew what I was...
  6. Home Environment
    This is my beggest nemesis and always has been! I love a clean home, but somehow mine never meets my standards :crackup: An oxymoron! I wish there was a formula that worked so that it took minimal effort. With 4 kids, hubby, dog, home daycare, home business, there just seems never enough...
  7. Home Environment :)
  8. Home Environment :)
  9. Home Environment
    Just some charts to help you stay on top of your housework! A great time management tool!
  10. Freebies
  11. Frugal Living What are some of your money saving housekeeping tips?
  12. Simple Living
    Did you know you could keep your home simple and still have it nice. And it would be easier to clean. Do you have thousands of things sitting around, that really dont add to your life but only cause frustration and wasted time of cleaning it. Well how about getting rid of it, or putting it...
  13. Kitchen Basics
  14. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I do housekeeping on the side. Have three people I do housekeeping for. Renee
  15. Leisure & Media Arts
    Just wanted to suggest a book I've been reading and enjoying. Mrscleanjeans' Housekeeping with Kids: Family Pickup Lines (and Household Routines) That Work with Less Work from You by Tara Aronson
  16. Coupons
    Laundry detergent, Swiffer goodies, Lysol, and everything in between! First response gets 'em!!
  17. Halloween
    I thought this was so cute! I'm going to do this one. I absolutely love decorating for Halloween! If the image doesn't appear, you can find it at,,284548_595615-2,00.html Assemble: 1 large plain grapevine wreath 1...
  18. Home Environment :paw: :paw:
1-18 of 18 Results