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  1. General Chat
    Interesting real time statistics on who is hungry, who is not & how much waste goes on this world ~ Stop the Hunger - world hunger statistics updated in real time
  2. General Chat
    We are going to see it Little Miss was given for her birthday a movie gift card to go see it I am so excited to go to the movies and so excited to see The Hunger Games. Anyone seen it already or going to go see it?
  3. Leisure & Media Arts
    Has anyone read these books? I started The Hunger Games last night after I put the boys to bed. I stayed up until 4 AM and finished the book!! :eek: I'm dying to start #2, but I'm afraid to! :nerv2: Are they all like that? I'm afraid I wont' survive the series if I don't get some sleep! LOL!!
  4. Simple Living
    Please visit . Your click will help provide food for man and beast, mammograms, child health support, save the rainforest, and books. Each cause has its own tab across the top of the screen. I've also bought things from this site, and you know exactly how much of your...
  5. Health and beauty
    Does anyone have recommendations as to what may work the best? Here is my scenario: I noticed that I had started to gain a bit of weight, which is no biggie for me because I'm underweight as it is. However, I also noticed that I'm back to eating how I used to eat at age 13. I can eat two large...
  6. News you can use The U.N.'s World Food Program is struggling as costs of food and fuel skyrocket while the numbers of people needing help surge across the globe. Millions are in danger.
  7. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Yes, it would always make me feel very angry that my sister wouldn't have enough money for food for her 2 kids but their was enough money for two bottles of wine and 2 packs of smokes a day!
  8. General Chat
    I'm assuming this is nation-wide.... Today is the day that our mail carriers collect canned goods and donate them to local food pantries.  We just set out a bag near our mail box with non-perishable food items, and when they deliver the mail, they collect the food. I always try to donate on...
  9. Health and beauty
    I was just getting hungry, and i cut up a banana :ban: and drizzled a little honey on it. It was sooo good, and It feels like it will hold me over! Please let us know if you have any snacks that help you from not overeating!!
1-9 of 9 Results