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  1. New England Pals
    I know there are a few more from this area.... I'm in Mass--approx 25 miles Northwest of Boston, very close to the NH border. I've lived here all my life. Where are you? How long have you lived there? Chelle
  2. Military Families
    I guess I will get the ball rolling here. I am an Army wife. DH has been active duty for 15 years. We are currently assigned to Fort Hood, TX. Plan on being here a couple more years, and then heading back to Ft. Leavenworth for retirement. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I'm curious what people have found to...
  3. Family
    Why is it the clothes are two inches from the hamper? I mean sometimes even touching it? *are ya reading this froggie?* Take that bash bash bash. You wouldn't hear me say it a million times like a nag if they weren't there a million times. :p muwhaha take that! Sara
1-3 of 3 Results