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  1. Health and beauty
    in two weeks using Has anyone ever tried them? I've got a bit more to go, but I'm thrilled with my success so far :)
  2. Frugal Living
    Ok again....maybe wrong place to post this. I went grocery shopping last night and couldn't locate my grocery savings card before the cashier started ringing up the groceries. So after the cashier rang everything up, I handed over my coupons first. After the coupons were all entered, I found...
  3. General Chat
    I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while,but we are in crisi right now. My hubby is off work for at least a month and since its a new job no pay! He is on medical leave and it is very scary as we have no idea what is wrong. They thought it was his thyroid,but those tests came back ok,and...
  4. General Chat
    I was looking at how many times I posted and couldn't believe it has hit 200 allready!
1-4 of 4 Results