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  1. Leisure & Media Arts
    I had been wondering what he had been up to since AI2 ended and today I was looking at the CMT website and there he was on the front page. He has a new song "I Want To Live" and you can play the video on the cmt site. His debut album is suppose to come out in Mid 2004. Here is the article at...
  2. Leisure & Media Arts
    Looked back a bit to see if there were any threads on this year's American Idol, didn't see any. Anybody watching? I really like John Stevens (the tall redhead) but that's because I like Sinatra etc. I don't think he will win though. The two black girls are very very good too, Fantasia...
  3. Leisure & Media Arts
    Anyone watching this?  It's on Fox right now (it's the results show). How long was it on anyway?  Guess that shows how little TV I've been watching lately (well besides
  4. Christmas
    Anyone watching or going to watch it. It just started, I forgot all about it until I was channel
  5. Leisure & Media Arts
    I love this show! But I missed it tonight. I had to search to find out who got voted off and I was really surprised. Did anyone else watch and were you surprised by the votes? (I don't want to say who it was because I am not sure if the show has aired everywhere yet.) I voted for Josh. He is my...
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Why did they drop her? She may not have been no where near size 2- but man what a voice!!! What did I miss? Laura
  7. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Most of the contestants on American Idol...??? Most of the contestants on American Idol... Stink. Will be stars. Are not right in the head. Should slap Simon. Which would you choose? I think I would say are not in the right head. Most of them can not sing, but argue that they can.
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    Dh and i have become addicted to this show! We are so glad we have something to watch to tie us over until Survivor starts back up. Will anyone be watching tonight? Who are you rooting for?
41-48 of 48 Results