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  1. Midwest Pals
    Hey, anybody else on here live in the Chicago-land area?
  2. Leisure & Media Arts
    As an Illinoisian, we almost look at the political situation going on here in IL as normal politics, as sad as that is. Our second consecutive governor is most likely going to jail, and it pretty much is business as usual now. Politics here is so corrupt, it comes as no shock when he got...
  3. Midwest Pals
    Hello, I've just moved back to the Chicago land area with my family and looking for other young mom's to talk to. I have two small children, and my husband works quite a bit so we don't get out too much. Please let me know if you're interested in creating a friendship. Thanks! Lesley
  4. Freebies
    Sign up for email offers and receive ULTA lip gloss FREE! (coupon will be sent after you register for their emails and is only valid in-store with a $10 purchase).Good only in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin only!
  5. Freebies
    Please note: Offer valid in the United States only. The Illinois First Amendment Center has two sets of posters available: "Keep It Strong" Posters "Five Freedoms" Posters Both available in: ENGLISH & SPANISH Geared for grades 8th and above. These posters promote knowledge and appreciation of...
  6. Freebies Request Our FREE Sample Show DVD! A sample show from the 2003 season of Campbell Illinois Outdoors is avalable free of charge on DVD. This episode clearly identifies both sponsorship and product placement opportunities, and contains some excellent...
  7. Utilities
    My BIL lives out there....I'd bet he's not happy about this. Probably still less than we pay here in Jersey!
  8. Midwest Pals
    I've seen a few of you are from IL. Just wondering where you are located. I'm way up north about 10 miles south of the WI border :)
  9. Education
  10. Midwest Pals
    Are there any members other than myself from Illinois or nearby?  I would love to chat and swap ideas.:)
  11. Midwest Pals
    I am looking for other mommies from Illinois ... I just moved from Chicago to Lyons (about 40 minutes away near Brookfield) and I feel kinda alone.
  12. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I didn't forget ya! I was getting too weary to keep going, lol. Addison Alton Arlington Heights Aurora Bloomingdale Bloomington Bourbonnais Bradley Calumet City Carbondale Carpentersville Champaign Chicago Chicago Ridge Crestwood Danville De Kalb Decatur Downers Grove...
  13. Midwest Pals
    hello ladies, I'm from Chicago and would love to find another mommy from or around Chicago. We are moving to the burb's of Chicago (Lyons) soon. If you would like to chat please feel free to drop me a line :smball: :smball: :smball:
  14. Midwest Pals
    Hi! I am in a tizzy! My fiance just got a wonderful, too good to be true job offer (and promotion) in Addison, Illinois and I think we will be moving! I am very excited and scared! I lived in Houston for 2years and loved it and have been wanting to get back to the states for awhile and it is...
1-14 of 14 Results