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    The commercials says 4ft 9 inches is the magic number that they need a booster seat until they are that height. My son just reached 4ft 9 inches. He is in 6th grade. He is also in the 50% for height meaning that 50% of all boys his age are shorter than 4ft 9 inches. According to that...
  2. News you can use
    Oil prices slip below $123; average gas price inches toward $4 Oil prices fell below $123 a barrel Wednesday after the Energy Department said gasoline demand fell sharply last week while fuel ...
  3. General Chat
    ~Well I finally chopped off my hair to donate to Pantene's Great Lengths program. I got a 16 inch ponytail to donate and another inch on the salon floor. My hair grows insanely fast(an inch a month) so I opted for the shortest cut I've ever had. It's a pixie. It's still wet in the pic and I...
  4. Pregnancy
    Anyone willing to share how many inches around the waist they expanded during pregnancy? I'm 29 weeks along and have gained a total of 15 inches so far. I don't know what the "average" would be, but that seems like a lot of inches to me. So anyone else have a number to throw out here?
  5. General Chat
    well i just watched the news & they said we are expecting 10-12 inches of snow monday night into tuesday.........grrrrrrr!!!! thats means cold, windy, whiteouts, and drifting snow!!!!!! i let you guys know if we neded unburied. hopefully kabin63 don't get hit as hard as us!!!
  6. General Chat
    That's how much I had taken off today for Locks For Love. My head feels light, lol, like it is floating.
  7. General Chat
    We lost electricity for a few hours. Got it back during the middle of the night. We may have more snow before Christmas......:santasm: How's your weather?
  8. General Chat
    To Locks of Love. One of the PA's I work with, his girlfriend has a beauty shop, so she cut my hair and donated 12 - 13 inches. I'm not so sure I like this short hair thing, but it'll only last a week or two before it falls out.:couch:
  9. General Chat
    Of hair! I follow the Native American tradition of cutting my hair only when I'm grieving. So 10 1/2 inches of hair came off this afternoon, and the pony tail is ready to send to Locks of Love. This is the shortest my hair has been in ages. I cut off 16 inches last year, so this time my hair...
  10. Leisure & Media Arts
    today. It's really pretty outside tonite....cold, but with no wind which is great. We can almost always use the moisture but I'm about tired of the snow.......:sigh: I see that Missy got snow....who else?
  11. General Chat
    We had a huge thunderstorm last night at midnight. We ended up with 3 inches of rain. I got up to look out the window and it was a sheet of water. Were suppose to get more tonight. Peoples basement's are flooded (mine isn't), the park is flooded with water running over the roads and my...
  12. General Chat
    Josh just came in from measuring the snow. We have 11 inches in the front yard and it's still snowing!!!!:bigsnow: Last night it was snowing and blowing so bad that they shut down the roads around here. Two of the roads are still closed because they have not been able to plow them yet. My...
  13. Health and beauty
    Let's hear them :) What are your goals besides weight loss/getting smaller? For me I know that jogging consistantly without walking was one of them. I finally was able to do 3 miles straight jogging. Even though it was a slow jog I'm still happy about it. ;) I still have my goal of doing 20...
1-13 of 13 Results