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  1. Needle Arts
    I found a calculator that helps with increases. Hope this helps someone else as much as it helped me. Knitting How to increase stitch evenly across a row.
  2. Question and Answer
    Hey guys. When paying bills this month, I noticed that 2 of my credit accounts have increased their APR. One of them, a discover card, isn't as much of a big deal because it only raised the interest I pay by $3 (still annoying though as that's the next card to pay off). The other one though...
  3. Dave Ramsey
    So we are moving in Feb. We are leaving this rental house, with an amazing below value rent were we have lived for the past 9 years. Love the neighborhood, but it is in the city which is what we don't love. We are moving about 25 miles from city center Denver, up into the close foothills. Our...
  4. Frugal Living
    Going up from 42 to 44 cents. More info:
  5. Frugal Living
    Like many here, converting my Dh to more frugal ways has been a very slow process. But I've found the more I praise him for every frugal act, the more he does! For example, he received a Starbucks gift card for Christmas, and has been buying himself a Starbucks tea every morning. He's actually...
  6. Health and beauty
    i just spoke with a representative who was very agreeable in reducing the rate. she told me to call back after the rate increased (end of jan ) and she would lower it.
  7. Frugal Living
    I live in South Carolina and gas prices have climbed over a $1 per gallon. The station I buy from went up $1 in 24 hours. Another gas station in our town went up to $4.99 as of last night. We were paying $3.59 on Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon, the prices went to $3.79 and up to $4.59...
  8. Utilities
    are scheduled locally. We heat with natural gas. Our bills run from $20 - 350/mth., depending if it's summer or winter. The utility wanted a 45% increase! The government has convinced them to lower their request. They backed down to a 25% increase! OUCH! It's a government owned utility...
  9. Frugal Living
    On the news this morning they are discussing a possible gas and diesel price increase because they might increase the gas tax.,2933,386643,00.html I am just getting over being depressed on seeing what we spent last month. We charge all our gas and pay the bill...
  10. News you can use
    Bulk Sales Are Up I saw this story on the news this morning and made reference to it in a thread about stockpiling. It makes sense to me- buy more at once, make fewer trips. Of course, some of us have been doing this for a long time now. ;)
  11. Money challenges
    I drive an SUV that averages 13 MPG. (killer isn't it) I am trying to increase my gas Mileage by using the following techniques: 1. Coasting up to stop signs and traffic lights 2. Driving 55 MPH rather than my usual 70 MPH 3. Setting the cruise control whenever possible. 4. Slower...
  12. Frugal Living
    Maybe i am the only one who will be excited about this but minimum wage is increasing here in July I know that minimum wage increase has been argued to hurt the economy, but i personally think it is long over due it was impossible to live off $5.15 as of a few years ago. Now with it increasing...
  13. General Chat
    i noticed ours went up to 3.69 this morning. it was 3.58
  14. General Chat
    Hey guys, I just heard that postage was going up again. Does anyone know when and by how much? I hardly send out any snail mail anymore but wouldn't you know I have a bunch that needs to go out next week! Thanks!
  15. Food challenges
    Yes you heard right I need to challenge myself to an increase. More planning menus ahead more cooking in large batches and freezing for quick meals more using what is on hand and planning shopping around what is in the freezer( again planning) We get busy in spring and will go out to eat if...
  16. Utilities
    In last months' bill we were informed that later on this year Our electric bill would be going up to 20-21% !!!!! I am so sick of all this increasing I could scream!!!!!!!! Are any of you having this too?
  17. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    What’s Your Financial IQ? 1. Which of the following is not an asset? 1. Gold 2. The Corvette you bought for your 40th birthday 3. A business 4. Wheat 2. On average, Americans save how much of their income? 1. Enough to buy a new flat screen TV 2. Why save when you own a house? 3. They don’t...
  18. General Chat
    On the way to drop my daughter off at school this morning, I noticed that diesel has went up from 3.56 last week to 3.65 per gallon. I went back that way 2-1/2 hours later (to pickup sick child) and diesel is up 4 more cents to 3.69 and that is the cheapest place in my area to get diesel. Gas...
1-18 of 46 Results