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  1. Pets
    I emailed him the picture of the puppy I want to get. He had brought it up to the kids on his own this weekend, that if they start doing their chores, and stuff, he'd consider getting a puppy. I called the lady where we got our Bella from, and she emailed me pictures of the litter she has that...
  2. General Chat
    Once again I was stopped in my driveway by my neighbors. They told me they are planning to sue us for them cutting down our tree that we did not want removed anyway and they want us to pay for the last remaining tree to be removed. I told them that we would not be paying for anything. This is...
  3. Family
    ...that she would prefer to be called by her full first and middle name. And she is not even three yet. Crazy kid. good thing I love her name so much!!
  4. Frugal Living
    get the dirt before you buy. Help steer others away from a bad business with your own stories too. :thumb:
1-4 of 4 Results