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  1. Question and Answer
    Hi - so straight to the point. Are my in laws way too involved, or am I overreacting? This is long, sorry. Background: The in-laws currently help out with our rent. We can afford groceries, utilities & monthly payments, but not rent. However, whenever we can, we help them out if they need it -...
  2. General Chat
    anyone here successfully avoid their inlaws during the holidays? does avoiding them or wanting to avoid them make me a bad person? dh seems to think I'm the only person in America that doesn't want to spend my holidays staring at people that either I don't know or WISH I didn't know :bang:
  3. Success Stories
    So two years after we started, we're finally done. $9300 paid in full as of today. MIL brought me the paperwork to keep here at the house that shows our history of payments. Before the direct deposit, we'd paid about about $2600. Once we got that started, it was pretty much easy from there on...
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    My inlaws announced about a month ago that they wanted to put both dh and I on their checking accounts. I am added also because they know dh has never done any budgeting or bills and if they need help it will be me doing it. I told them I thought they should just draw up the papers with an...
  5. Family
    *sigh* I'm just not sure where to put this. I don't even know if what we're considering is appropriate. But, here goes: My inlaws were a one income family. FIL worked, MIL refused unwilling to work. FIL retired 10-12 years ago, far too early for their age and income. But they said they...
  6. General Chat
    Our ds was in the church play this morning so my inlaws decided to come and see him. When they got home they found that someone had broken into their home. As far as we know none of the presents were taken but some very important equipment that mil needs for work was so they were hit kind of...
  7. General Chat
    I need to discuss this. My inlaws called tonight and talked to my husband. They said they wanted to take my two oldest two Disney Land (or world, whatever is in Calif) next year, in maybe March or April. My kids will be 6 and 8 by then. There is absolutely, positively, no way that they are...
  8. Family
    The holidays can be extremely stressful and I've been talking to several people who just dread this time of year as they have to be with their in-laws or other members of their family. Lately I've read several threads on rants about in-laws and different members of their family. I get along...
  9. Needle Arts
  10. Family
    Ok, let me first start off saying I don't want this to be a poor me thread :drama: I really do want to hear from others about their own situations. I have 1 set of inlaws (2 in total)that I just have never really felt like I fit in w/ them and it makes me sad. My dh and I have lived away from...
  11. News you can use
    Our in-laws padded the wedding bill What do you do when it seems your new family members added a little extra to your share of the costs?
  12. Family
    What do you have to say to someone to get them to understand you don't want to know them? It all started with my Brother in law. He is a big fat looser, drug addict, Alcoholic, selfish , car thief. Oh and he has been charged with a million other crimes. I disliked him from day one. He actually...
  13. Family
    Do you get along with your in-laws?
  14. General Chat
    Well, with Thanksgiving almost upon us, I'm getting crankier and crankier and I know it's b/c I'll be spending time with the inlaws!! :weeping: They are nice people, but I find as they age they're getting more and more miserable. They would never be mean to anyone's face, but it is SOOOO hard...
  15. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Like your in-laws? For me, I like them, although sometimes they drive me crazy. But then, my own family does that pretty well ;) They like me and tell me so often or at least my mother-in-law does. My father-in-law sharing too many feelings would just be weird. :D
  16. Family
    Ok -- so I'm NOT SURE how I should feel about my dh's family but boy am I angry! Now I came into my marriage with a ds already. They have been decent enough but I'm getting irritated. Some examples - These people do not acknowledge bdays for ds or I at all HOWEVER I show up for each and...
  17. Support
    I'm so mad at BJ's parents.  I truly love them like a second set of parents, but they do such silly things. His parents have always been too good hearted when it comes to their families.  They give them way too many chances, and the benefit of the doubt when it isn't deserved.  It ends up...
  18. Family
    i took this pic of them today. they'd die if they knew i posted their pic!!:toothy: ;)
  19. Family
    How LOVELY. :toothy: Does that mean they will leave two days earlier? rofl
1-19 of 28 Results