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  1. General Chat
    newspaper yesterday. My sister and I was putting groceries in the car when they came over and interviewed us about how the price of food and gas was impacting us. We told them that we car pool to shop to only once a month instead of 2 or 3 Putting in big gardens . and budget our grocery...
  2. Careers
    I work at a hospital in the lab. Just clerical kind of stuff -- I've been there for 2 years and the people are decent, the work is easy and the hours are great. 6am - 230p. Now I just got the job as a Research Asst and I am too excited. Not only is it more money but much more stimulating...
  3. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    It pays $100 a day and may be one or two days and I get a free haircut, eyebrows done, facial waxing (ouch) and free coloring plus photos. I hope they call me back. I desperately need my hair done, lol.
  4. Simple Living
    I was quietly having breakfast and listening to the radio and then I hear they are having a special show on Voluntary Simplicity and the guest were....and they said my friend Chantal GrandChamp! Whoo I am so excited! It will be starting at 9h30. They will be interviewing a few poeple. My...
  5. Careers
    Better hours, no weekends 630a - 3p to get off this dreaded midnight shift. Its a slight pay decrease too.... But I've been trying for over a year to find something else. I HATE to leave my dept but I never get to see my family. So lets keep our fingers crossed!
1-5 of 5 Results