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  1. Pets
    I don't know if I did this right. Susposidly this is a picture of our 7 year old chicuahua that has been abused. she is around 8 lbs. It worked, she is a purebreed miniature, she hates her picture taken.
  2. General Chat
    How did you hear about frugal village? I don't even remember! I've lurked for awhile but finally decided to start posting. What interests you here? saving $, finding people with common interests, hoping to find some inspiration and practical application tips on being frugal. What will you...
  3. Pets
    Meet our new "used" dog, Zeke. He is a 7 year old smooth collie. He's a retired stud that we adopted from a breeder. So far he is adjusting nicely into our home - he gets along well with Daisy and Katie but is terrified of our cat Paul.
  4. General Chat
    I've lurked here for a very (embarrassingly) long time. I've gotten so many good tips and tons of great information from you all---thank you! So I'd finally like to join in :) I'm a 42-year-old sahm to a wonderful almost-12-year-old daughter, who I homeschool. She is a dancer, so I spend a...
  5. General Chat
    hello... I will take the easy way and answer the questions How did you hear about frugal village? stumbled across it by searching for frugal family community brisbane What interests you here? ideas on how to save money to stay out of paid work for longer and then ideas on how to keep busy and...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Hi everyone, I've been searching for a great online support group for debt reduction..... To get support, encouraging words, advice and to give it, a place to go with my story and to read others..... Trying to find a place to check in daily and hopefully become a regular, supporting...
  7. Pregnancy
    Naomi Elizabeth. 6lb, 14oz, 20.25 inches long. Born at 4:12pm (Atlantic time) on May 31st, 2010.
  8. Pets
    RADAR! He is a senior Chihuahua (somewhere between 7-12 yrs old) that i have been working with at the shelter for two months. He has come to live with us and our other critters. He is TINY. He was a stray that was sooo skittish it took our ACO six weeks to catch. When she finally DID catch...
  9. News you can use
    Introducing the issues and candidates Bankrate picked six pocketbook issues and looked at where the candidates stand.
  10. General Chat
    Hi all, I am glad to be here and I will shortly introduce myself. I grew up in Miami, California. I'm 25, and I'm study PR I love sunsets over a body of water, music playing my guitar, playing with my pets. Hope to be usefull to community :) --------------------------------------- Angella...
  11. Pets
    :smooch: and I adopted a new baby girl today! Her name is Jersey and she's about 7 months old. She's a pretty little girl, all black and white with a "beauty mark" (although we expect a few "Hitler" cracks) on her upper lip. She is fitting in slowly -- Tempest, our older male, seems to be...
  12. General Chat
    Oliver Michael Weaver was born via scheduled c-section on Monday, April 30th at 8:18am. He is 21.5" long and a whopping 11 pounds 4 oz. He is beautiful and doing well. We are home from the hospital now and I am recovering well. My life is a bit of a blur of feedings and diaper changes at the...
  13. Family
    Imogen Faith Born February 23, 2007 8 lbs. 3 oz. 21 in. long I'll post more about her birth story on my blog at village blogger. :)
  14. Pets
    Emma our 11 wk old beagle pup!
  15. Family
  16. Food Articles
    By Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers There is nothing cuter than watching your little one chase food around the highchair tray with her fingers, and seeing the sense of accomplishment in her face when a tiny little piece of food actually makes it her mouth. When your baby is between eight and...
  17. Pets
    I picked them up about 30 minutes ago.  The red one - Gabby, keeps trying to fly out of the coop. Hmmmmm.  Sara and Margery are sticking together in the corner.  I've given them grain to eat, they have fluffy nests, clean water, they should be happy.  I also liberated them from all those...
  18. General Chat
    Miss Priss decided she HAD to wear her crown to the pool:
  19. Pregnancy
    Connor was born on 5/5 at 7:39pm, he was 8 pounds and 11 oz, 21 1/2 inches long. He's a very healthy eater and we are all so in love with him.
  20. General Chat
    This is my Delicate little flower. She told me her friends at school had given her a new nickname "Bambi" and I said"oh, thats really cute, how come?" and she replied that she reminds them of the scene where Bambi and Thumper are on ice and Bambi can't stand up for two seconds. Yep - I am so...
1-20 of 27 Results