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  1. Dave Ramsey
    Good afternoon! Looking at the Dave Ramsey investing advice, and trying to match it up with the options I have in my Fidelity account thru work. Can someone explain to me which ones I should be in if I am following this advice? Currently I am using the following: US LARGE CAP EQ INDX US...
  2. Dave Ramsey
    Hi. I'm new to this blog so before I get to my question I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a freelance actress. I have been a workaholic from the age of 16 but had some very difficult events in my life starting at 24. Severe depression tied me to my home for 2 years (not good for someone who has...
  3. Dave Ramsey
    Called one of Dave's ELP's in my area to have two small Roth IRA's rolled over to a new company. Seems the company we are with doesn't want to keep one of our Roth's since it recently fell below $1,000. and will be sending us a check! Hmmmph! Well, I was going to roll them over to another...
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    One area where I have disagreed with Dave in the past is in the area of investing in Real Estate. Dave, of course, is a 100% cash guy. I, on the other hand, have considered it an acceptable risk to save up 20-25% to buy an investment property, financing the remaining 75-80%. My reasoning...
  5. Blog
    Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship Are you making a living or making a dying? Your Money or Your Life is now updated and revised for the 21st Century with a comprehensive new introduction, fresh stats, more stories and examples, new suggestions for saving and...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    With the market so unstable lately I'm really worried about our 401k. I don't plan on cashing out what we have in there, but should we continue to contribute to it? We do get a partial employer match, so we contribute 16% of DH's income to it. Technically if we stop contributing we are giving...
  7. News you can use
    Be careful investing in community banks right now Q: I'd like to invest in a community bank. Is that possible? And what types of returns have these stocks generated?
  8. News you can use
    Investing for growth or value Mixing the two types of stocks in an investment portfolio is the best way to hedge your bets in the market for the long run.
  9. News you can use
    Investing during a rough economy Question: With the economy being as bad as it is and no sign of getting any better, I feel people are reluctant to invest or even unable to save. Do you agree? With keeping that in mind, what do you think people look for in a financial adviser?
  10. News you can use
    Soros: Global investing's godfather Broke and friendless in postwar London, having just spent his last penny on food, 22-year-old George Soros made the first of a lifetime of prescient economic calls. "I have touched bottom," he told himself, "and I am bound to rise."
  11. News you can use
    3 rules of investing: Location, location, location Question: Having just read several of your articles on retirement planning, I have these questions regarding tax deferred and taxable accounts during retirement:
  12. News you can use
    Hard-times investing quiz Test your knowledge about investing when the economy isn't doing well.
  13. News you can use
    Investing with a social conscience Reflecting your values in your financial investments may be appealing, but how do you match your return with your conscience?
  14. News you can use
    'I' is for investing: teaching kids the basics A solid fiscal education for kids goes beyond the principles of spending and saving to include an understanding of investing.
  15. DIY
    Has anyone ever been the investor in a fix and flip? Not sure if this is the best place to put this thread... What was your experience and what would you recommend?
  16. News you can use
    Investing amid recession buzz Question: My wife and I have about $50,000 to invest, some of which will go toward a new home we plan to buy within two years and the rest toward retirement. Given all the recession buzz, we're wondering which investments have the best outlook over the next couple...
  17. News you can use
    Lump sum investing vs. little by little Question: I have $600K in a money market that I plan to invest in Vanguard index funds. Should I put it in at once or dollar cost average in increments over a certain period of time?
  18. News you can use
    Investing in the home stretch to retirement With plans to retire in the next five to eight years, Linda Paine knows exactly how much investment risk she can tolerate: zero.
  19. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Learn at your own pace about stocks, bonds & more.
1-19 of 28 Results