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  1. General Chat
    Ds went to work last Monday, then he went out and about after midnight, I woke up Tuesday morning for work, as I was leaving for work around 5 my ds shows up and needs to talk to me, I have to start work in less thejn 30 minutes to open up the gas station by myself. I went to work then find out...
  2. Frugal Living
    Hello there, I read so much about frugality and being frugal myself I can say I am proud of how I manage my lifestyle. During such a bad recession I am glad I am not trapped with all sort of debts (only mortage $98.000 CND). I learned so much from you ladies, all your tips are very valuable. I...
  3. Frugal Living
    So my dh is one of those people that would be happier not knowing, but with all the bad news about the economy he's finally listening. He wants us to make the stockpile bigger and is going to reorganize his shed, then we will move the xmas decorations from the laundry room out to the shed. That...
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I had been hoping to purchase a home in the near future through FHA, but I'm not sure that's going to be feasible now with the financial crisis. I might have to opt for renting an apartment for awhile. I've never rented an apartment before. I know they check credit (not good the last I...
  5. Question and Answer
    I stumbled on this web site surfing the internet on ways to save money a few weeks ago and told my wife about it. All I got was an "oh yeah?" and that was pretty much it. So, my question is, how did you get your spouse to "buy in" (pun intended) to a frugal living lifestyle? regards, Russ
  6. General Chat
    How did you get started? Were you asked or did you volunteer your time?
  7. Family
    No, they are involved with music for right now. Ds#1 does want to play baseball this spring though.
  8. Adoption
    I met all 3 of our kid's birthmoms. Unfortunately none of them are involved and haven't been for years (by their choice).
  9. Home and Family
    We all have 'em. Families that would rather do a million other things than... - clean the garage. - do their homework. - make their beds. - walk the dog. - practice their musical instrument. - do the dishes. - put their clothes away. - scoop out the litter box. - hang up their coats (or...
  10. Education
    Not necessarily homeschool, I know, but we'd use it in ours.... I was not a 4Her and I'm not sure what benefit it will be to Belle...I'm undecided at this point & would like some feedback! Any opinions, advice, or what have you?! Thanks in advance for helping me decide!! :clover:
  11. General Chat
    if you had a pole that you needed, yet it had been set in concrete,( like a clothesline pole), how would you go about getting the concrete off? ( can't bury it as it is, i HAVE to get the concrete off)
  12. Simple Living
    Are you over involved, under involved or not involved at all? Right now I'm not involved at all, but am seriously wanting to get involved. My problem is I have to be very careful, otherwise I tend to get over involved and don't enjoy what I'm doing and become very stressed out. There is a...
  13. Religion
    If so, what are they? Do you do them often or just every now and then?
1-13 of 14 Results