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  1. Sewing
    My Shark steam iron (only 4 years old and not much used) won't heat anymore. :grrr: I used to have another older steam iron that worked, but unfortunately I gave it away. So I need recommendations for a good steam iron... I like one that produces hot steam for pressing seams when sewing.
  2. Preparedness and Survival
    Does anybody having horrible iron and sulfur problems have experience with Berkey water filters? Did it take out the sulfur and iron? How long did your filters last? Which model do you have? Backwoodsgirl
  3. Cast Iron cooking
    while the standard in quality nonstick skillets may be cast iron, it seems that the qualities that make them desirable should incarnate to other cookware as well. dutch ovens being such an example produce great results when used in an oven or over a fire, but what about other stovetop cookware...
  4. Secondhand Shopping
    found some rusty cast iron skillets at the local thrift store, one was even a Griswold.. amazing how iron lasts forever, a little bit of cleaning and reseasoning and they look brand new. i looked on ebay and saw someone buying the same model griswold as mine for $58.. go thrift stores! next...
  5. General Chat
    I just found this forum and I have some questions about 3 old skillets that have been in my famiy for years. (1) Is marked made in the USA has No. 8 and says 10 5/8 on the bottom My mother started house keeping with this skilett, my parents were married in 1928 I would like to know if there is...
  6. Cast Iron cooking
    Hi there We recently bought 2 cast iron frying pans very cheap, about 8UK pounds each. The idea was to throw away the non-stick ones whose coating can be hazardous. However we are not sure if these new pans are not pained over with some kind of black paint, like the black powder paint they used...
  7. Cast Iron cooking
    I've got a bunch of cast iron, and it's great for steak, stew, sauce, soup, etc... One thing that has always defeated me is bacon. In a $5.00 walmart aluminum griddle I can cook bacon like a pro, but the cast iron (a 12" lodge skillet) has too much of a hot spot in the middle of the pan. The...
  8. Question and Answer
    I know a person who is selling 3 wagner cast iron skillets and a dutch oven for $100, is this a deal skillets is an 8", 6" and a 10" plus the dutch oven with a lid.. Spirit Deer I would also love your comments along with everyone else.
  9. Cast Iron cooking
    I get a circular from TSC via email and in this weeks ad there is an 8 piece set for $49.99 if anyone is interested. Tractor Supply Company - Home go to their site and view the current ad. Sale only lasts until the 6th.
  10. Cast Iron cooking
    My Gma just sent me my great-grandmother's cast iron tree stand and it is sorely in need of love. Anyone have any ideas on restoring/re-seasoning it? Can I oil it and put in the oven like my cookware?
  11. Cast Iron cooking
    Does anyone have trouble cooking with their cast iron on an electric stove? Our elec. stove is from the early '80s. And it's HORRIBLE in general. The only large burner is hit and miss on heating up. The three small burners are too small for most of my cast iron pans. When I do get...
  12. General Chat
    Woman, 71, beats down attacker with frying pan - U.S. news - Weird news - A old lady beats up young man in her home , news story.
  13. DIY
    OK, it is not so much fixing the iron -- I know what to do if I can ever get it open. I just can't get it open. I know the connection to the cord is loose but this iron has some unusual screw head that I don't have a tool for (and I have many, plus all my guys have tried from their toolbox)...
  14. Cast Iron cooking
    I received one of these for a birthday present (just picked it up at the PO today) and am wondering if fellow FV cooks have one like it and can give me tips on cooking with this baby. I've poked around online and got some ideas but thought maybe I could get some tips from people I "know." ;) For...
  15. Question and Answer
    I often will delay ironing until I have a huge pile of it, so is if I have enough for a full dryer load, which is cheaper: ironing for over an hour or putting it in the dryer for 20 min? I have a dryer that's only a few years old, so it's pretty energy efficient.
  16. Cast Iron cooking
    I have a few old Griswold skillets and the bottom inside is smooth as glass. A lodge I bought was unbelievably rough and even though seasoned, food would stick. I took the skillet out to the garage and hit it with my air grinder and sanded it smooth. At this point the bottom was shiny as you...
  17. Cast Iron cooking
    Hello All, I bought my first cast iron skillet a few weeks ago. It was preseasoned so I didn't season it, but instead fried up some bacon in it the first two times. While I was out of town it was used to make skillet potatoes and apparently some of the potatoes stuck to the bottom of the...
  18. Cast Iron cooking
    We finally moved into our new house. It has a display area 3/4 of th way up the kitchen wall then there is a display area dividing the kitchen and livingroom. Now I dont use all my cast iron so I thought I would put my dutch ovens and things like that up there on display. I would have loved a...
  19. Cast Iron cooking
    I have come upon a new idea that using Cast Iron Skillets (either in the bottom of the skillet OR turning the skillet over and using the bottom of it) used for homemade pizzas at a high heat make a crust that resembles what you get at a Resteraunt. My crusts are always so soft they almost fall...
1-20 of 60 Results