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  1. Kitchen Basics
    I don't like to eat right away in the morning but like to grab something on the way out the door to eat later. I love the Quaker brand breakfast cookies and would love a recipe for them. Does anyone have a recipe or something similar to them. Not really interested in a granola-bar type thing...
  2. For Sale or Trade
    I need a Webelos neckerchief and slide... and a Webelos handbook. Webelos shirt (the tan one) in size large.
  3. Kitchen Basics
    I've got 19 packets (diff flavours) of the stuff that nobody will eat anymore well at least as oatmeal . Are there any recipes that call for instant packets of oatmeal? I just can't bring myself to throw them out!!! There are (4) flavours but they all compliment each other so I should be able...
  4. For Sale or Trade
    So I am in the market for a Bible. I have specific things I want my Bible to have though... Compact Large Print Genuine Leather Snap Flap (or maybe zipper) Red Letter Dictionary/Concordance I know you guys probably don't have a spare Bible laying around that fits my list, but maybe you know...
  5. For Sale or Trade
    I am just getting around to starting to decorate our home (we got married and bought it in December). I am doing my kitchen in a gardening theme (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.). I was thinking I would do some artwork with cool or old seed packets... frame them, make a collage, or something...
  6. Homesteading and gardening
    SO I have Rhubarb, lots of Rhubarb! I've never had Rhubarb before. Anyone want to share how you use Rhubarb at your house?
  7. For Sale or Trade
    I am looking for plant hangers... you know, the macrame looking things you put a flower pot in and hang from the ceiling. I can't seem to find them anywhere in the stores, probably the wrong time of year. Anyone have any laying around they don't want?
  8. Kitchen Basics
    I'm actually looking for a firm polenta recipe not the porridge style. I have never made it before but would like to start instead of purchasing it. In addition to the more standard recipe I'd also be interested in a Crock Pot version of the recipe if someone has one that they like!
  9. Coupons
    I can use Similac, Enfamil, Enfagrow & Nestles/Gerber, have pay pal and stamps. I can also use Similac & Nestles expired up to 1 1/2 months.
  10. Coupons
    Hello all. I am in search of Box Tops For Education for my grandkids' school. They are having huge incentive for them (as I understand many schools are), and the kids are just wild with excited for them. If you can help, please email me. I will be glad to send an envelope to help! Best...
  11. Kitchen Basics
    Good Day Ladies (and Gents)... The ladies' group at church is holding a baby shower this Sunday for a couple who just had their first baby. :baby: I'm kind of stumped at what to bring for food. We're ordering a cake so that's taken care of. It's a finger foods/snacks menu. Most bring...
  12. Health and beauty
    :box: I'm sick, I'm raw... and I look like I have a red mustache. What do you put on your red, raw skin on and under your nose caused by constant rubbing and wiping? I'm a bit leary about putting anything on it because I don't want burning or irritation... but I can't take this anymore!
  13. Kitchen Basics
    Dave's grandmother used to make these, and they were delicious. Unfortunately I don't have the recipe, and I'd love to make them for the kids. Anyone have a recipe that you've tried and liked? TIA :chef2:
  14. Kitchen Basics
    Never made these before, and I'd like to try my hand at making them. Oh, and Dave bought Savoy cabbage...will that work? TIA :)
  15. Coupons
    I have lots ( over 60) coupons I have clipped from the sales flyers in our Sunday paper the last 2 weeks. I've kept the ones I want and would like to mail the others out to a new home where they will be loved and appreciated. They want to be used before their experation date. I'll check later...
  16. Question and Answer
    I use to go to a site where you input your recipes and then click the recipes you wanted to make that week and a grocery list was created based on the calendar... Anyone know of such a site? Thanks!
  17. Coupons
    I usually get these in the mail, but I never seem to have one when I need it. PLMK what you'd like in return. TIA :)
  18. For Sale or Trade
    Hi all... I'm looking for Boxtops for Education. My sons school is collecting them and he's very gung ho about it all. I'd like to help out! I have Campbell's Label's for Education to trade along with stickers, stamps, or let me know what you are looking for! Thanks! :cheergrl:
  19. Coupons
    Hi all! I am interested in trading for some of the coupons from this past weekend. In particular, I am looking for the .40/1 Fiber One bars coupon and the .55/1 PopTarts coupon. If you have any/many of these coupons, I have all the coupons from this past weekend and would be happy to send...
  20. Kitchen Basics
    I have a starter of an Amish friendship bread on it's 5th day. I've done them before, but I was kind of looking for something different to make out of the starter, or maybe a different variation of the bread. I have made the standard bread and have made 'Herman' biscuits (didn't like them...
1-20 of 496 Results