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  1. General Chat
    Tried to cancel my eFax number today. Don't need it anymore - only needed it when we were buying the rental property... Can't do it automatically. Have to talk to a "live chat" CSR. Oi vey, at least it wasn't on the phone: You TRY to be nice, ya know?
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    And boy am I nervous, I surely DO NOT have a green thumb but with the advice of Tiff, I decided to take a chance and start a small garden. What I did was I went to Home Depot and purchased already growing plants and here's what I got: Basil Cilantro Cherry Tomatoes (the stick says Container...
  3. News you can use
    Turning 62: Have your retirement cake early and eat it, too America's oldest baby boomers, who are turning 62 this year, face trade-offs in deciding whether to claim their Social Security ... </img>
  4. News you can use
    Have your retirement cake early and eat it, too America's oldest baby boomers, who are turning 62 this year, face trade-offs in deciding whether to claim their Social Security ... </img>
  5. News you can use
    Stash It, Don't Cash It The economic stimulus bill means a rebate check is coming your way. Read on before you spend it to juice the economy.
  6. Frugal Living I am telling you. The minute my kids are out I am downsizing. I could happily move into one of these little houses. I am so tired of even ours...60x24 is even too big as it is!
  7. Success Stories
    Paid off the last of the consumer debt today, the ole student loan. $55,4472.94 paid off in 18 months. Phew!!! Not even sure how to act right now. :surprise:
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    I'm just curious if anyone else has read the Dave Pelzer series of books? If not, I highly recommend that you start at the beginning with A Child Called It. The second book is Lost Boy & the next is A Man Named Dave. This is an amazing man!! These books kept me in tears, sick to my stomach...
  9. General Chat
    And where are we going? I've had one of those weeks, more vet bills, late land rent payment, had to pay insurance, truck is getting $1,600's of work done on it, the garden is FULL of japanese beetles ( I HATE THOSE THINGS!) I'm hot, sweaty, crabby and grumpy too! And now I need to mow the yard...
  10. Pregnancy
    ...which is really weird, since I've lost eight pounds so far in this pregnancy due to my illness.  Apparently my body weight is shifting, though, because as of yesterday my jeans were uncomfortable enough to make me go dig out some elastic-waist pants from my maternity clothes box. Last...
  11. General Chat
    Well, I did it. I drove all by my lonesome today for the first time in nearly 17 months! I drove last weekend from Daytona but, fololwed behind dh. Today, without anyone and in the store alone . DH handed me $200 and told me to go to Walmart, only 4.5 miles away and told me I could go...
  12. General Chat
    I was fascinated by a flylady letter this morning that talks about using a new service in her area, where she submits her grocery list, and marks when to pick up, and she avoids the whole mess of time in the store shopping for herself. At first I thought, how spendy of her. (when will I quit...
  13. Home Environment
    Do you have any items like this in your home? We do. Our CD's. Five years ago when we bought our second home, we sold about one hundred of our CD's, and then when we moved into this house last year, we sold about 10 more. However, we still have approximately 50 CD's that we NEVER listen to...
  14. General Chat
    try a couple of days of meatless meals per week!!! :yikes: This is HUGE. Never before has he ever agreed to skip meat in a meal. He was very receptive. I may have to change his name to More Agreeable. :lol:
  15. Support
    I've been trying to cut down on my general household water consumption.  For the past 20 years we've always had excess water bills, they never worried me, I just thought that I had a garden and I needed water - end of story. During the past year I've reduced our excess water bill, which comes...
  16. General Chat
    The preschool where I work 2 days a week, and where DD#2 goes to school, had a silent auction. Each class did a project with the kids hand prints etc. Our class made a floor cloth and kitchen towels. I did the kids handprints and them made them into butterflies and flowers. Well, DD#2s class...
  17. Support
    Well, I now feel like I can breathe. We had a big dinner and my brother cleaned up EVERY scrap, wrapped all of the food, picked the turkey clean and bagged it up, one bag of white another bag of dark. I didnt have to do any of it. We ate dinner and had a glass of wine with it. I guess that glass...
  18. General Chat
    I saw this cute game on another board and thought it might be fun to play here too.  The way it works is the person above will list either a food or a drink and the following person will say if they like it, hate it or never tried it (NTI).  They will then list a new item for the next person.  I...
  19. General Chat
    wasn't sure where to post it, but i just can't remember how to store an avacado once it's been cut open? Thanks for any help :)
  20. Support
    When I had Jackson,I had post partum depression.The Dr had me on zoloft but I took myself off of it after a few weeks because I felt better and was fine after that. Well,Jayme is almost 3 weeks old and I believe I have pp depression again. Everything is making me cry,I feel so overwhelmed,and...
1-20 of 26 Results