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  1. Education
    Just wanted to tell you all ladies that my baby, not yet 5(sept 9), Patrick is starting kindergarden tomorrow. It's a big change for my life. I've been a sahm mom for 14 years. I've always had a child with me. No more children at home during the day. I think I might feel lonely at first...
  2. Miserly Monday
    YUCK! It's so humid here you could cut it with a knife! The temp is going up to 98 with a heat index over 100! After a looonnngg weekend at the fair, having DD1's friend stay over, etc., I'm looking forward to getting back to normal. I had some relaxing "adult" time last night. I went to...
  3. Family
    Hand was jammed in it's crotch, LOL!! That figures, with #1 we didn't want to find out, and this time I thought I'd live it up a little, but this will get to be another suprise for us. All it's major body parts were there- except they are putting my due date at Nov 30, instead of the 25. Maybe...
  4. Simple Sunday
    actually gonna do some housework after our customary Sunday brunch at home with my parents and dd (home from college for summer). Dh cooks every Sunday's WUNderful. I do have some more cleaning to do and then I'm gonna read for a long time, maybe have a nap. What will you be doing? :)
  5. What's for dinner
    For us, it's pork chops, green beans (w/ bacon) and fresh (frozen dough) bread. How 'bout everyone else?
  6. Frugal Living
    What temperature do you set your heat at? We are pretty much at 68 degrees most of the time. Brandy
1-6 of 7 Results